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Report: Unravel 2 Could Have Released On Switch If Delayed Six Months

Following the release of Unravel 2 during EA Play 2018, many people were left wondering why this sequel that fits perfectly for Nintendo’s console didn’t make launch along with other platforms.
In an story covered by, they spoke with Coldwell Interactive on the topic and got a response that the game would have to be delayed to suit their yarn-based platformer. As the title seems to be great as many platformers suit portable gaming well, along with this being co-op gives it a better reason. Producer Michael Gill even agrees with reasoning why the Unravel 2 should be on the Switch, stating:

Even those controllers on the side are the same colours as the Yarnies – it’s incredible. It’s a machine made for Unravel Two. But we run at 60 frames per second, that’s really important for us and we want to keep that framerate.

Along with the framerate issue, the other is the engine used for the game. For a simple platformer, it renders a lot of detail. Lead Programmer Jakob Marklund mentioned that “some locations have around 4 million triangles on the screen”. With this level of complexity, it is still doable for Coldwell interactive to bring to the Switch, but they will need time to do that. Unravel 2 is also using Sony’s PhyreEngine and they had to port it just for Xbox One alone. With it not being supported for Nintendo Switch yet leaves a lot for the small Swedish studio.
After the announcement and launch of Unravel 2, many went to blaming EA for why this isn’t on the Switch, but that’s not the case at all. “Don’t blame EA, blame us.” Marklund said on the topic. Looking back on the first Unravel when announced bat at E3 2015, Coldwell Interactive felt that announcing the game, but releasing it 8 months after resulted with a lot of lost momentum for when the game finally launched. And for Unravel 2 to launch for Switch would be resulting with the same outcome Unravel suffered from back in 2016.

For if or when we might be seeing Unravel 2 on the Nintendo e-Shop wasn’t discussed. But from what was said by both Producer and Lead Programmer of Coldwell Interactive, there’s a possibility of seeing it before or even during next E3. With this only being speculation it is nothing to be confirmed or anything concrete.

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