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Report: Upgraded Base Model Switch Announced With Better Battery Life, Aimed For September Launch

Today, Nintendo has officially announced that the base model of the Nintendo Switch will be receiving an upgrade listing that the newer iteration of the console will host a longer battery life compared to the initial version.

Last week, users discovered that Nintendo filed a “Class II Permission Change” with the FCC which reads to alter the current model’s CPU processor and storage chips which will not consider the SKU as an completely new model, but instead just a change to the Switch’s hardware that we are already familiar with.

Nintendo Is Updating The Switch’s CPU And Storage

In a comparison from the original hardware to the upgraded model, players can expect an additional two hours of battery life for playtime on the console handheld hybrid. Nintendo detailed that the average battery usage for the standard HAC-001 landed between 2.5 – 6.5 hours, however, for the newer HAC-001 (-01) reveals the battery life is extended to 4.5 – 9 hours now.

Nintendo in contrast with the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite shares that the smaller model meets in between with battery life of 3 – 7 hours of usage. Thanks to the new Mariko tetra chip that will be in both the Lite as well as the “XAW” modeled Switch, this will be the prime suspect for better overall outcome in a more efficient battery as the device’s internal battery is still the same.

Following the announcement, gaming outlet Eurogamer contacted Nintendo UK on when the market should expect the refreshed Switch models, where Nintendo responded that, the UK at least, will see the longer lasting Nintendo Switch sometime this coming September.

Are you planning on getting the updated Switch model?

Source: Eurogamer


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