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Report: Valve Constructing VR Headset With Possible Half-Life Title

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Nick Moreno

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Despite the outcome of Valve’s Steam Machine, it seems the creator of Half-Life & Left 4 Dead is still planning on expanding their platform with a VR headset.

Previously, there was a set of leaked images on Imgur that many skeptical people didn’t bite at first glance. But according to UploadVR, multiple sources have confirmed that the photos of the prototypes are legitimate.

The VR news outlet has also stated that the VR headset will be paired with two wireless motion controllers, and that a Half-Life VR title is in development that will be included with the headset and Knuckles controllers.

Though Valve already has a partnership with HTC for the Vive, it isn’t surprising with the idea of Valve making their own VR headset as there are plenty of titles already on Steam; with the SteamVR platform it should not be a problem to get a roster of titles ready whenever the company decides to release the headset.

Source: UploadVR


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