Report: XCOM-style Marvel Game & Borderlands Spin-Off Underway By 2K, Says Industry Insider

Posted on June 4, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Amid the rising anticipation for this coming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) since its absence last year in 2020, fans are growing ecstatic as to what new announcements are underway. And while there is a greater understanding in terms of which publishers & companies are presenting what respectively, there is still heavy speculation alongside scattered rumors that tell other games are also in the pipeline to be announced.

In one list of leaks from Reddit user u/swine_flu_greg, there appears to be an eye-opening amount of games underway from publisher 2K. However, some appears to contradict previous denouncements. One being the alleged Borderlands spin-off: previously, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford told the rumor to be inaccurate as the team is not working on the game nor plans to outsource the aforementioned project to a separate studio.

However, Bloomberg Tech’s Jason Schreier goes on to indicate that the list is true – including the segment regarding the supposed Borderlands title.

While Schreier does confirm the list to be genuine and legitimate, he does go to disclose that not all mentions will be present at E3. Furthermore, he does also spare his excitement for the alleged Marvel XCOM title that is in development by Firaxis whilst implying the announcement to take place this month.

The list also goes on to offer a overview for a new possibly from Hanger 13 title, which reads as such: “New action game, seems to be in really early development. Logo looks similar to the Fallout-Logo. No final name yet. Source described it as ‘Cthulhu meets Saints Row’. Game looked pretty unfinished in the trailer. Sadly, my source didn’t know which studio is developing this title. I think it could be Hangar13, as they had a leaked contract last year that stated that they are working on a ‘open-world sci-fi title with supernatural elements’.”

Schreier while confident in the list does not show certainty for the cover athlete for NBA 2K22. But, he does cite that “I should add that I have no idea who’s on NBA 2k22’s cover, but it’s probably safe to assume that part is correct since the rest is.” Recently, Schreier also discloses plans for an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game is likely to be revealed by Square Enix at E3.

On Thursday, the Electronic Software Association (ESA) revealed the full schedule for this year’s E3. As to when 2K is to present, you can expect the firm to take stage on June 14 with its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, scheduled for the date. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Reddit

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