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Resident Evil 3 Remake Won’t Be One Of The 10 Announcements At The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley Reveals

This year’s Game Awards, alike the previous ceremonies, have been an anticipated livestreamed event which decides which titles truly deserve to be ranked the best of its respected category for that year. And while we anticipate which nominees to be awarded, fans also look forward to some unexpected announcements at the show as well. However, it looks that some hopes that viewers were expecting to see at next Thursday’s show has been denounced by the host himself already.

Game Awards host Geoff Keighley went to Reddit just today to denounce that the chances of seeing the already leaked Resident Evil 3 Remake will not be making an appearance at the event. Earlier this week, cover art for the unannounced project was unearthed and left the implication that the official announcement would be soon, landing on the December awards ceremony.

Keighley on the discussion of the game’s potential appearance at the Game Awards:

There are no plans (never were) to do anything with Resident Evil 3 at the show. A lot of these “leaks” are completely wrong. Nothing about our show has leaked of this writing.

Despite the shortcoming of the highly-anticipated reveal for Capcom’s 1998 title, Keighley did however disclose a rough estimate regarding how many new projects will be revealed during the show. “We have a bunch of brand new games being announced at the show – I think there are around 10 new games/projects being revealed.” While not what other would have hoped for, this does still keep the momentum going for those excited to see what is next for the industry.

As for what will be the upcoming World Premiers at the Game Awards, one that we do know about is for WolfEye Studios, a small studio comprised of former Arkane Studios developers. There is only one image provided for the project, so a trailer is expected to be show to fully show off what this new game will be. As for the remaining 9 titles that will be announced at the awards ceremony, only time will reveal in the coming week.

What are you excited to be revealed during next week’s Game Awards?

The Game Awards will be going live next Thursday on December 12.

Source: Reddit

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