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Resident Evil Crossover Event Comes To Monster Hunter World Next Month

The icy stretches of Monster Hunter World’s expansion Icebounre has settled into the game’s world for more than a month now, and Capcom has revealed that more will be coming to the 2018 action RPG title with a new event scheduled for this November. Announcing at New York Comic-Con that Resident Evil will be coinciding with Monster Hunter World with a new crossover timed experience.

Showcasing the event with a trailer reveals that Resident Evil 2 protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will both be joining the New World. Alike the previous guest starring events like with The Witcher 3’s Geralt, both Leon and Claire find themselves randomly spawned in the region from some unknown entity.

The trailer showcases Leon fighting legendary monster Vaal Hazak with a niche nod to the Resident Evil franchise as he fights alongside a group of flesh eating zombies against this new scaly foe. Upon completing the quest, players will be granted access to craft both Leon and Claire costume for your hunter to wear when playing.

Interesting enough, Capcom also brings a costume for your allying Handler as well with a Mr. X skin for them to wear while you play. The trailer shows this as the costumed Handler does as on would do by tending food and interjects during your experience through the game. Other cosmetic items will also be present such as the appreciated Tofu Officer weapon charm for starters: full list of additional in-game items have yet to be revealed as of yet.

Would you hop back into Monster Hunter World to indulge on this Resident Evil experience?

Monster Hunter World is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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