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Resident Evil Crossover Teased For PUBG Mobile

Previously it was revealed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will feature both Joker and Harley Quinn as playable characters, now it seems another collaboration is on the way for the mobile iteration of the popular battle royale.

As part of the last day for 2018 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Star Challenge Dubai finals, the game’s official Twitter teases a crossover with Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise.

In the teaser, it showcases footage of the anticipated Resident Evil 2 Remake that’s set to release this coming January. For this only being a teaser, it’s unsure what is to come for the upcoming crossover looking at the vague video posted. But it is more evident that there is more than just cosmetics that will be included with this new surprise.

Regardless of how exciting it is to see another franchise intersect with PUBG, let’s hope that more players will be able to enjoy this over the previous character showcase. As both the Joker and Harley Quinn skins collectively cost $45, many fans were outraged at the pricing of the iconic DC villains. Hopefully this time around it will be more inclusive to fans who disagreed with the skins pricing.

PUBG Mobile is currently available for Android & iOS.

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