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Respawn Star Wars Gets Release Window For March 2020

Since the initial announcement that Respawn Entertainment will be making a Star Wars title, they have been pretty quiet on the project for almost two year now. Another result from Anthem being delayed in the quarterly earnings call that the upcoming title will be released in fiscal year 2020.
Spoke on it by Patrick Soderland on the matter if there was to expect a Battlefront III after what resulted of Battlefront II with the attention the game recently obtained after releasing the game. He said to he expects Respawn’s new title to be fiscal year 2020 Star Wars game. So if this comes to be true when the times come, it’s expected for a release in holiday 2019 to March 2020 at the latest.
Respawn stated that they won’t talk much about the project, but with this recent news it would be assumed more on the game will be shared in the upcoming months to possibly having an official reveal later this year. With Respawn’s Star Wars and EA Vancouver / EA Motive taking over Visceral Games unannounced Star Wars project, we will have to see how they implement the franchise separate from the Battlefront games.
With EA buying Respawn Entertainment shortly after closing Visceral Games back in October, it leaves many to assume that the same for Battlefront II might fall upon their upcoming title and future project by the studio. With Titanfall 2 doing pretty well with making all DLC free, it will be disappointing to see what could come to their next titles they have planned as EA doesn’t seem to step back from the monetization schemes.

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