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Return Of The Obra Dinn Still Contemplated For Switch Port

For those who might not already know some of the history behind last year’s hit title Return of the Obra Dinn, developer Lucas Pope who previously worked on Papers, Please introduced the new title back in October and just like his 2013 game took player’s praise instantly despite the game’s late year launch. The puzzle adventure title soon after being nominated for Best Indie Title at The Game Awards and even taking Best Art Direction for the same ceremony.

Now more recently, Metro UK got to speak with the mind behind smash hit title to discuss the upcoming future for the young indie title and where it will be heading next. As like most popular independent titles, the question for when the title will be dropping on the Nintendo Switch surfaced. And rather than a more direct answer to the outlet, Lucas replies by stating that:

“A lot of people are asking for it,” Lucas shares with Metro. “Actually the first response when I released it for desktops was, ‘When is it coming to Switch?’ So the writing is on the wall on that I guess.”

Adding onto his statement that he has yet to “figure out anything solid” towards the game’s debut on Nintendo’s platform. Even asking about the newly announced Google Stadia, Lucas pushes away the thought seeing how the game goes just by YouTube alone as a result from the game’s 1-bit visuals and streaming the title only distorts how the Obra Dinn looks.

One interesting mention though is that Lucas is interested in potentially bringing the game to the virtual reality platform in the future. “I’m interested into looking at VR at some point, but I haven’t spent any time on it now.” Just like Switch and Stadia, he has yet to fully picture the title on the platform, but he seems more interested compared to the others from his response.

Return of the Obra Dinn is currently available for PC.

Source: Metro UK

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