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Review – Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Posted on September 19, 2021 by David Rodriguez

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  • 8/10
    Total Score - 8/10


Aliens:Fireteam Elite is an excellent and thrilling take on the Aliens franchise.

Developer – Cold Iron Studios

Publisher – Daybreak Games

Platforms – PlayStation 4|5, , Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PC

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My initial thoughts coming into Fireteam Elite was it was just gonna be yet another Aliens game. Rarely ever special, and most of the time, far below average, thankfully, I was mistaken.

Aliens:Fireteam Elite has been the only game I’ve played in months that I can pour hours and hours in just playing because it’s so much fun and well designed, especially in co-op. The 12 Missions, spread across 4 Chapters, all tie together perfectly. The campaign is a must play, the amount of scares, intense, and chilling moments that you experience will not let you down. The game has a perfect mixture of intensity Aliens brought to the franchise in cinema.

The game is a one to three Player CO-OP experience. Playing with A.I is completely fine on the default setting, but on harder settings playing co-op takes the game to a much higher level. Playing alone is fun, as the story does make sense and secret classified files have tons of deep cuts in Alien lore for the hardcore fans to dig into.

Harder difficulty makes friendly fire a real threat

Playing it with friends is sublime. More Aliens, more firepower, and you and friends get to experience the thrills together. The campaign’s visual style and story fits the game nicely. It takes pits and pieces from the entire Aliens franchise of films, and makes sure they are used to great effect. The sounds of Alien is fantastic as well. The motion detector, the pulse rifle, and the acid blood curdling screams of dead xenomorphs are lifted directly from the films.

The difficulty of the game is based on what you prefer. You can play the game in a way that acid blood is minimal and ammo is everywhere, or with every chance xenomorph encounter requiring all of your skills against scarce ammo and health. Hidden caches scattered through the maps can add rewards worth seeking out as well.

So you finished the campaign but not sure if it has any replay value left, well that’s where Horde Mode comes into play. With horde mode you can fend of waves of Aliens solo, or with 2 other people for the perfect CO-OP session. I personally spent hours in horde mode playing it non-stop enjoying the feeling of killing off Xeno’s in with friends trying to beat our previous highest wave. In addition to score, getting XP, and upgrades for each of the games classes and weapons adds a lot to dig into, far after the campaigns are completed a single time.

Each class feels distinct, and a fantastic skill grid system ensures tons of build possibilities and unique playstyles, even if you and a friend are using the same class.

Don’t get too close…

One glaring issue, becoming more apparent as the game has been out for a little bit, is matchmaking amongst the community. A lack of a quickplay option can cause extremely long matchmaking times, and no crossplay only makes that wait take even longer.

It’s almost essential to have some friends to play with, or hop in a Discord group to find like minded players. My experience with the online has been great so far, with solid net code and easy to use invite systems as long as you have friends to play with. I hope to see it grow in the future, which the developers are already focused on with new classes, campaigns, weapons and more coming.

Aliens:Fireteam Elite is much more than just another Aliens licensed cash in. With a fantastic campaign. With strong replay value and tons of depth with the classes and unique skills, the game has a lot of ways to keep you invested. Thus far, it’s absolutely the surprise hit of the Summer.

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David Rodriguez is a senior editor at Rectify Gaming and a freelance writer at Gamepur and has been gaming for 30 years.His work has also appeared at NTF Gaming, Rectify Gaming, Gamepur, Opencritic, and Metacritic.

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David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is a senior editor at Rectify Gaming and a freelance writer at Gamepur and has been gaming for 30 years.

His work has also appeared at NTF Gaming, Rectify Gaming, Gamepur, Opencritic, and Metacritic.