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Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Posted on November 22, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Review


Call of Duty Modern Warfare II makes for an average campaign experience with its multiplayer carrying the load. 

Developer – Infinity Ward

Publisher – Activision

Platforms – Xbox Series XlS (Reviewed), PlayStation 4 & 5, and PC

Release – October 28, 2022

Infinity Ward is back with another iconic Call of Duty game with the release of Modern Warfare II which is a sequel to the Modern Warfare title released in 2019. And just like its predecessor, the game takes place in a realistic and modern setting.

Let’s start off this review talking about the games campaign. Call of Duty as a franchise isn’t known for its story and even sometimes its campaign missions

The campaign follows British special forces unit Task Force 141 and Mexican Special Forces unit Los Vaqueros as they attempt to track down Iranian Quds Force major and terrorist Hassan Zyani. The game’s main playable characters are John “Soap” MacTavish and Kyle “Gaz” Garrick of Task Force 141. When it came to voice acting in Modern Warfare II I would say the entire cast did a great job on that. 

The first few missions you’ll experience a couple great features that Call of Duty has offered in the last few years such as underwater, vehicular, and stealth missions. In the campaign you’ll play through a total of 17 different missions and for the most part they all have their own uniqueness including some that feature the fun vehicular combat.

My favorite mission was probably towards the end of the game and that was Countdown because it has something that I’ve never really done in a game before. Imagine being on one of the tallest skyscrapers in a building and you are grappling down straight down or upside down. Not only that, you have to swing into a room full of enemies and of course you have to take them down. This was almost like a dream come true for someone that always watched movies that had this type of action and I could say this game had some of those moments where you are impressed by the mission itself. 

I had moments in the campaign where I got frustrated with the objective at hand and you’ll most likely run into that depending on the difficulty you played on. 

What I will say about Modern Warfare II’s single player is that Infinity Ward did not disappoint when it came to scenery. I loved the fact that you were in Amsterdam for a brief moment and then you could be in the USA or you could end up on a ship while its downpouring. They could’ve easily made the story stay in one specific continent, country or whatever, but they took you to so many different places. 

Like I said earlier, it’s tough to say Call of Duty games have great stories. It rarely happens these days and with Modern Warfare II I will say the cast of characters were great with Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garric, Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley, Captain John Price and Sergeant John “Soap” MacTavish being some of the main ones. I liked the relationship some of these characters had and of course there is that nostalgia factor with Soap. 

It felt a little bland because you’re just chasing for Hassan Zyani and there’s a slight twist with Gaz that happens where you focus on him briefly. At different points I thought the story was predictable and while playing I had those moments where I just cared more about beating part of a mission and going onto the next to see what’s coming. Yes, I thought the cutscenes were nice and all, but the story just couldn’t grab my attention.

From my experience playing the campaign I enjoyed the cut scenes, visuals and some of the missions than the story itself. The audio complements the experience you have when playing and when watching cut scenes. Infinity Ward nailed it when it came to having great voice acting and crisp audio


When it comes to Call of Duty’s success and popularity it’s because of the franchises multiplayer mode. In Modern Warfare II it consists of the classic modes you’d expect in a Call of Duty game such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, etc. But there were a few new game modes added such as Knockout and Prisoner Rescue which was a nice treat. 

The leveling system in this game is different than what we’re used to in Call of Duty games and it seems like there’s more motivation to grind it out between leveling up or getting every camo for all your guns. There is for sure the ability to keep replaying multiplayer and this game is without a doubt more fun with a full squad. 

Ground War has been a great addition to the franchise over the last few years, the big team battle does give you something different to play especially when you have a group of friends playing. 

Modern Warfare II comes with a variety of maps to play on, but there are some that could be questionable such as Santa Sena Border Crossing. Usually every first-person-shooter will come with maps that aren’t for everyone and then there are some that we all like, this game definitely has that. 

Weapon Customization

Call of Duty never seems to lack weapon customization and Modern Warfare II does not disappoint for those who love to have close to endless options. If you’re one of those who loves to mess around with attachments then the Gunsmith is just for you.

You can practically customize everything on your gun being the Underbarrel, Muzzle, Barrel, Laser, Optic, Stock, Ammunition, Magazine, Rear Grip and that is just attachments for your weapons. Of course you have your charms, camos, blueprints, stickers, and weapon vault. 

Weapon Vault is new for Modern Warfare 2, weapon Vaults are similar to Blueprints but allow you to customize specific parts of your weapon with the same theme (like a stock), rather than the whole thing

Infinity Ward didn’t miss with this feature and if anything they made it better. 


There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. One complaint I could say about it is that the movement can feel sluggish at times and would possibly prefer a little faster movement when it comes to this game. 

New gameplay features and movement tactics include dive to prone, mantle, and ledge hang along with the removal of slide canceling. While new vehicle gameplay features include leaning out of vehicle windows, mantling onto a vehicle roof, and hijacking.  

I would say the added gameplay features helped the game out in certain areas of the campaign.


In the end Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is a good game, but there isn’t anything there that will blow your mind. The multiplayer is what you always expect in a Call of Duty game and when it came to map designs I wasn’t overly impressed by Infinity Ward on this one. Lastly, the campaign is definitely worth a shot, but I wouldn’t put high expectations on the story. Co-Op is a nice touch as well. 

If you’ve been a fan of Call of Duty titles from the past you’ll like Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. 


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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013.

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