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Catlateral Damage [Review]

Posted on April 15, 2017 by LumberjackRy

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Platform: PlayStation 4, PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Ouya
: $9.99
: Digital
: Fire Hose Games
: Fire Hose Games
Release Date
: March 22, 2016
PlayStation 4 Pro Support
: No
PlayStation VR Support
: Yes
Reviewed On
: PlayStation 4 Pro
Catlateral Damage is one awesome game, and that actually isn’t a joke. The game centers around a cat being pissed off. Along this cat’s crazy journey you knock things off of shelves, washers and dryers, refrigerators, and more.
Objective Mode is the main mode, the ultimate goal here is to knock off certain items and reach a certain point limit. It’s a timed level too, so make sure not to goof around! Litterbox Mode is the other mode, basically the only objective is to knock literally EVERYTHING off of everything.

There are nine total levels, four of them are standard while five have to be unlocked. The way to unlock them is by knocking over something like a Tree to get into the Christmas level or a Pumpkin to enter the Halloween Lab level. There are 22 playable characters, most of which need to be unlocked to access them and even feature real life photos of the cat to choose, so there’s plenty of content for you to experience in this game.
You can upgrade your cat via special items that glow around the map or by getting a certain amount of an item. Upgrades include Speed, Jump, and Power. Each impact the way you climb and knock things over.
While each round goes on, “Events” happen. Whether it be a Disco where the room turns dark and a disco light flashes or a special upgrade falling out of the sky, there are a lot of very different Events you experience while on your journey to get revenge on your owner. 
As you progress throughout the game you unlock photos of various animals (not just cats), which can be accessed via the Collection tab on the main menu. To get them, all you have to do is knock photos on the floor.
Catlateral Damage features a PlayStation VR mode too; however, I haven’t played this mode at this current point in time.

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