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Posted on November 14, 2023 by fncwill

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EA SPORTS™ WRC is a comprehensive package for rally enthusiasts, delivering an unparalleled level of realism, customization, and content variety that sets a new standard in the world of rally gaming.

Developer – Codemasters

Publisher – Electronic Arts (EA Sports)

Platforms –  Xbox Series S|X, PS5 , PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Publisher

Developed by the seasoned rally game experts at Codemasters (the award-winning team behind the renowned DiRT Rally series), EA SPORTS™ WRC is the all-new official videogame of the FIA World Rally Championship. Drawing on over 25 years of rally-game heritage, players can now immerse themselves in the heart-pounding action of the WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC cars, featuring drivers, teams, and liveries from the 2023 season , with promises the game takes rallying to new heights as players conquer diverse terrains, including dirt, snow, and asphalt, in pursuit of the perfect run. But does Codemasters still have what it takes to make a mind-blowing racing experience?

One of the standout features is the introduction of the Builder mode, allowing players to design and drive their dream rally car. From selecting the chassis and body shells to choosing essential mechanical parts, the customization options are extensive. The interior and exterior can be tailored to personal taste, and the livery editor adds the finishing touch, ensuring each player’s ride is as unique as their driving style. Moments mode offers a daily dose of excitement, allowing players to relive recent events and iconic throwbacks, rewriting headlines and immersing themselves in the 50-year history of the WRC.

In the Career mode, players are empowered to create their own team, competing at any level of the WRC. With deep multi-season progression, the opportunity to manage a team of engineers, and critical decisions to make, the quest for glory is both challenging and rewarding. The Dynamic Handling System™ refines Codemasters’ renowned multi-surface handling model, offering the most realistic off-road experience to date. Newcomers can personalize the handling, while experienced players can mirror the setups professional drivers use every race week.

Now let’s talk about The vehicle roster in EA SPORTS WRC, as it’s quite impressive, featuring 10 current WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC cars and 68 authentically recreated historic vehicles spanning 60 years of rallying history. The Regularity Rally mode introduces an alternate form of competition, focusing on maintaining a specific average speed rather than completing stages in the fastest time. The Rally School serves as a crucial starting point, offering fundamental skills needed to drive a rally car.

There is also Clubs , which provide asynchronous, cross-platform multiplayer events, allowing players to compete , with results contributing to the Club’s leaderboard. The game’s additional features include Championship, Quick Play Solo, Quick Play Multiplayer, Time Trial, and Photomode, all supporting cross-platform multiplayer. Notably, there are no paid in-game currencies or boosters, ensuring a fair playing field for all.

In EA SPORTS™ WRC, players will tackle rallies across all four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – each introducing unique challenges with varying climates and weather conditions. The introduction of Rally Pass adds a progression system, allowing players to unlock a range of customization items for their drivers and cars. VIP Pass owners receive additional cosmetics content for enhanced personalization.

The auditory experience in EA SPORTS™ WRC is nothing short of exceptional, featuring high-quality real-world recordings of modern and historic rally cars. The inclusion of real co-drivers recording their pace notes on motion rigs adds authenticity, truly immersing players in the rally environment. Moreover, the game supports VR on PC post-launch using the OpenVR standard and includes compatibility with multiple racing wheels, offering players an even more immersive experience.

EA SPORTS™ WRC is a comprehensive package for rally enthusiasts, delivering an unparalleled level of realism, customization, and content variety that sets a new standard in the world of rally gaming.

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