Review: EchoGear Dual Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjustable Mount

Review: EchoGear Dual Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjustable Mount



Monitor mounts were never anything I really considered adding to my office space prior to getting my hands on the EchoGear Dual Monitor Dynamic Height-Adjustable Mount, which I will lovingly refer to as The Mount from here on out. It may, then, be the ultimate praise by saying I can now hardly imagine a world where both of my monitors were sitting back on my desk.

I know. It sounds ridiculous. For those of you who usually operate your setup with two monitors though (like I do), desktop space is at a premium. A keyboard here, a mouse/mousepad there, a tabletop microphone in the middle – you can quickly find your station more claustrophobic than an air duct in Aliens. Fortunately, The Mount solves this issue and more, bringing a reliable and sturdy solution to your otherwise cramped work space.

The Mount is VESA compatible for 75×75 and 100×100 and can hold monitors up to 20 lbs on each arm, with monitor size restricted to 30” or less. This particular model clamps onto your desk, so keep that in mind when purchasing, making sure your desktop is between .5″ and 2.4″ to accommodate the clamp.

The Mount itself is easier to set up than a knock-knock joke. About 20 collective minutes after I pulled everything out of the box I was tightening the last screw. A clever and easy-to-follow instruction manual, which seemed to somehow meld ideas from IKEA and Fallout 4, kept me moving along at a brisk pace.

I did, however, run into a small problem installing one of my two monitors. The hardware that is provided in the installation kit offers two different-sized screws and brackets to help you install your monitor to The Mount. For whatever reason, one of my monitors was in the “sweet spot” where any combination of the screws and brackets together didn’t provide me with a workable solution. The screws seemed to be either 1/4” too short or 1/4” too long.

This could, admittedly, be chalked up to user error, but it also gave me an excuse to ask for help. Fortunately, due to EchoGear’s commendable customer service, an 11:10 p.m. Sunday night service request was answered at 6:26 a.m. the next morning. I received two new sets of screws to try, one set of which fit perfectly.

Once The Mount was fully operational it took a bit of tweaking with the arms to get things balanced properly, but once the right amount of tightening was done the monitors smoothly, and independently, were able to glide effortlessly into various positions. The arms can extend out about 20” and up just north of 13”. The monitors themselves can also tilt +/- 15 degrees to keep that dastardly glare at bay. You also have the option to swivel one or both monitors 90 degrees to change from landscape to portrait mode.

The ability to change the positioning of your monitors on the fly, especially as easy as it is for The Mount, really enhances my time in front of my monitors. If I’m watching a movie and want to lean back I can simply move the arm up and tilt the monitor down. If I want to open the blinds to let in some natural light I can slide the monitor towards me and tilt it away from the window. Or, if I’ve been playing God of War for 6 hours straight and need to stretch my legs, I can simply raise the arm up to max height and keep going, instead of having to awkwardly bend over or just stop playing all together. I have yet to find a situation where I’m unable to position the monitors in the most comfortable position possible.

The Mount really does give you the ability to take your desktop experience to new heights, or the new angles, depending on your setup. In the world of mounting solutions, the EchoGear Dual Monitor Mount stakes its claim as one of the finest.