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Review: Food Truck Simulator

Posted on September 21, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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Food Truck Simulator shows potential, but there is work still needed to be done here.

Developer – DRAGO Entertainment

Publisher – Movie Games

Platforms – PC (Reviewed)

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Food Truck Simulator now exists giving you the full experience of what it’s like to work and own a food truck business. This game comes from the same creators of Gas Station Simulator and they’re back with this game. When it comes to Food Truck Simulator you are in control of everything you could think of with creating your own recipes, cooking the food and serving customers across a city. You can then customize and upgrade the truck to serve the community better.

When you jump on the game for the first time you’ll notice there’s actually a good amount of dialogue between the different characters that give you jobs which was a bit surprising to me for a simulator like this. Compared to other simulators I’ve personally played they are very quiet and could get boring at times because there’s nothing much going on besides the tasks at hand. Food Truck Simulator does a great job on teaching you everything you need to know on how to do certain things before going on your own. It’ll give you a basic tutorial on how to do everything so you can learn how it all works because it can get complicated.

A big comparison I would give this game to is Overcooked with how the cooking and preparing goes. You have to serve customers in a timely matter and you can easily over cook your food if you aren’t preparing. Just like real life, customers in this game are all different so you have to keep a close eye on what they specifically want on each order. Food Truck Simulator goes more in depth when it comes to preparing, cooking and cleaning your work area.

Everything about this game is about making sure you are gaining money. So you’ll deal with costs of supplies you’ll need and of course actually making the sales. The sale amounts are impacted by following the ingredients given to you on the order and how fast can you serve the customer. By making more money this will allow you to make upgrades in your truck and of course to buy more ingredients needed for future job sights. 

This game can put you in for a sweat with how some of the orders are timed because they could want multiple toppings on their burgers or pizza. What makes the timed situations worse is the chopping section because the controls for chopping an onion, tomato, mushroom and whatever else you need to chop is not the greatest. One of the biggest cons of this game is its controls for a couple things and this is one of them.

In Food Truck Simulator you drive around in a city to reach your next job and there are pedestrians and other cars all around just like you’d see in games like Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto. While trying to drive around I noticed making turns and maneuvering at times was a little difficult. Not only that trying to find your destination by following the map or just by looking at the waypoint icon that shows up was sometimes confusing because they don’t have the trace on the map that you’d see in most other games involving vehicles. 

I do like the fact the developers tried the best they can to make this as real life as possible. The game for sure has a good variety when it comes to the types of food trucks you have instead of your typical American burger and fries. You’ll have a pizza and hot dog truck along with others along the way. 


Something that this game does great is the customization options for the exterior of your truck and for the garage as well. I thought this was a neat feature to make your business look more unique then just be the same all the time. 

One of the biggest frustrations with this game is that you have to learn all of the cuisines and you’ll have orders that can contain any of them at any time after you’ve learned them all. I found myself getting frustrated doing orders because of the fact we had to clean then refill the gas for the grill and ovens and the oil for the fryer. While that is going on you need to slice up multiple toppings for pizza which takes some time due to the functionality of how you cut with the knife. 

Food Truck Simulator could use a lot of polishes to make the game even better. At first I thought the idea of having the dialogue was decent, but there were certain cutscenes and parts of the game that I questioned why it’s there. Another issue was when I would be reading an order it’d be hard to read the text at times which was frustrating and the icons wouldn’t help either

The developers make an attempt to be like Overcooked with the way orders and cooking works, but they need to simplify it to make this game more of an enjoyable experience. There were more frustrating moments in my playthrough rather than enjoyable times. 

DRAGO Entertainment has potential on their hands they just need more time to polish things up and this game could be a comeback.


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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013.

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