Review: Glorious Model O & The GMMK Keyboard

Posted on September 15, 2020 by Randolph Sillik

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Price Of Reviewed Products - GMMK Keyboard - $109.95 Model O - $59.99

What Glorious has done with these two products is impressive. During the Model O testing I was able to compare it to the Corsair M65 pro and the Lexip Pu94. I had the Corsair K65 membrane keyboard and the K70 with cherry red switch to compare to the GMMK (Full) Gateron brown switches.

The Model O by Glorious is an obvious competitor to wildly popular FinalMouse Ultra-Light Pro, but due to their extreme limited production this was not available for a direct comparison. The software is what gives the Model O its clear advantage with 5 DPI step selection tool, it is utterly amazing for competitive FPS games. The weight of the Model O was a concern until I used it for a couple of days and moving from a 135g to 67g mouse was a shock to the system. What you will find is that the reduced weight you will inherently reduce the amount of fatigue your wrist or arm feels after a long gaming, editing or drafting session.

This mouse checks off a lot of boxes with its software being so simplistic yet robust. Some of the feature in the software should not be overlooked such as the USB report rate being able to be set from 250HZ to 1000HZ (125 hz = 8 milliseconds and 1000 hz = 1 milliseconds.) and debouncing. (A latency factor to help prevent you from double clicking). You almost start to forget about the actual craftsmanship of the mouse and how beautiful the design is all the way down to the ultra-light weight nylon wrapped cord.

I think this mouse will shine the brightest in the realm of casual to competitive FPS. The Model O will allow you to customize your DPI to for example, 4500 dpi and then the next step down to 600 dpi, now that is a major gap but just imaging the following scenario:

Dropping into Warzone and someone is popping shots at you from the edge of the world it seems, so now you can flick over to the general area at 4500 dpi then step your dpi down to 600 so that your cursor won’t move out of the general hit box area. This should allow you to clean up a couple of kills and then jump back up to 4500 dpi and swap to your Kilo an keep it moving.

In games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant and many many more it is all about gaining the competitive advantage. The ability to flick quickly to something and then slow your cursor down is how the Model O gives you this competitive advantage and so much more. In short, the Model O by Glorious is light, accurate, comfortable and customizable all while being a very good-looking accessory.

Model O Prices:

Matte Model – $49.99

Glossy Models – $59.99

The GMMK (Full) with Gateron black key cap switches (Brown) is a great starting point for newcomers to the world of custom keyboards. This pre-built keyboard from Glorious seems basic out of the box, however it’s anything but that. The standout feature of this keyboard are clean and clear keystrokes that are from the spacing provided in between the board and the bottom of the cap. Most keyboards allow the keys to recess into the board but the GMMK’s float above the board. This raised key approach provides 2 benefits:

  1. It allows easy access for swapping/replacing your own keys. (This is a huge detail for custom keyboards.)
  2. It gives the keyboard a premium look and feel. As well it gives room for the RGB to shine a bit more.

The Gateron GMMK is on the louder side of things for my general taste but it is by far not as loud as some keyboards I have used in the past. The cable management is well done giving 3 options for which way you want your cable to lay (Left, right or middle) and the cable itself is a firm braided cloth, but I think one of the stand out features of the cord is the USB plug and the attached cover. As someone who used to travel to LAN event and conferences (Pre-COVID-19) it is always an issue when you get somewhere, and your connector is bent or scratched.

So that is the hardware wrapped up, but we are not done yet because the software suite for the GMMK is just as good as the Model O if not better.

With 3 custom profiles, straight forward macro menu and an array of fantastic RGB functions there would not be anything else, but they also gave you the option to increase the USB reporting rate from 250HZ all the way up to 1000HZ. Now this is a feature that isn’t common on keyboards but more so for mice because of the on-click event nature of keyboards, however it is pretty cool to set it at 1000HZ and drop the response lag time of the keyboard to 1 milliseconds.

As for the custom keyboard market the GMMK (Full) with the Gateron (Brown) switches is a fantastic introduction to genre. What Glorious does right in the GMMK market is provide sturdy foundation for you to really customize the way you game on mouse and keyboard.

Price – $109.95

In the end we recommend checking out both of these products by Glorious PC Gaming and keep an eye out on for updates and news on their new products coming soon.

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