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Review: Gran Turismo 7

Posted on March 2, 2022 by Rebecca

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Hardcore racing sim fans and casual used car enthusiasts are in luck, Gran Turismo 7 is back and better than ever.

Developer – Polyphony Digital

Publisher – Playstation Game Studios

Platforms – PS5, PS4

Copy provided by PlayStation AUS

“Editor’s note – I’m a deaf writer, and all sections pertaining to the audio was written and feedback was given by other members of the editorial team.”

Year after year, the absence of Gran Turismo has been highlighted by the continued growth of its natural rival, Forza Horizon. Grid and many other racing series also continue to compete for aggressive expansion in the racing market as well. Fortunately, the long wait is over. After the very competitive-focused GT Sport, Gran Turismo 7 roars back into the genre with the accessible simulator we’ve been waiting for.

Gran Turismo is a daunting racing simulator, but on the other hand, it used to be a game anybody could play – from the most dedicated racing fans, to more casual players, such as myself. The last few titles, including GT Sport, were built for the hardcore competitive crowd, and Gran Turismo as a whole slipped further away from the mainstream appeal and ease of play the series used to have during its original titles.

The consistency of the Gran Turismo series has always been impressive, but losing that casual side and some of the fun modes that came with it made it seem as if Gran Turismo was never going to remember players like myself.

Gran Turismo 7 succeeds, in part, because it remembers those old ways and strikes a fantastic balance between the competitive racer and the lazy Sunday driver who wants a chill mocha and drive.

GT7 features improvements and upgrades expected from a sequel, while also going far above and beyond in many respects. Insane graphics, more cars, some refinements to existing systems and the return of the CaRPG. As the Forza series has moved toward granting players some of the most exotic sports cars in the world within minutes, part of GT7’s joy comes from buying a used hybrid and building it up from nothing into a force on wheels.

The absolutely stunning visuals have also returned. The performance on the PS5 is truly incredible. The full graphics ray tracing modes bring replays to life like never before. Landscapes, a mode in which your in-game car is featured in many real-life locations using high-res photographs, is a fantastic way to show off the visuals.

I have yet to encounter any technical issues with performance, and split screen with my kids has been a pure joy. GT7 is an absolutely stunning achievement in the racing space.

The same great physics system returns. With several improvements carried over from previous entries, the feel of every single car is handled to perfection. The tuning allows you to control just about every aspect of a car. Even for rookies, such as myself, the basic tier of upgrades does provide a tangible difference and feel for each one installed.

The assists all return and haven’t changed much from previous iterations. They are functional, and keep the game fun, even if you’re not exactly a road warrior.

GT7’s progression system is a direct callback to the original two titles. The brand new hub system and the Car Cafe are the major highlights. The Car Cafe provides a gentle nudge in a clear direction and provides a fantastic opening arc for your car career. Each “menu” in the Cafe offers clear goals and rewards, and following this direction ensures a fantastic path and guidance through all of Gran Turismo 7’s new systems.

Online play is in, and features a ton of options that return from GT Sport and several new ones alongside it. I didn’t have a chance to dig into this much, but spectating and watching replays uploaded by other players worked seamlessly and smoothly.

The audio work is fantastic. Car engines and music are vastly improved from previous titles, and classic GT songs are back and just as good as my nostalgia tells me they are.

I have spent just as much time trying to find a problem with GT7 as I have playing it, and I honestly just can’t. Every minute I am not playing I want to dive back in.

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