Review: Horizon: Forbidden West

Posted on February 17, 2022 by Rebecca

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  • 9.5/10
    Total Score - 9.5/10


Horizon: Forbidden West is better in every way. Aloy and the combat has matured, and top notch accessibility options ensure many types of players can experience her journey.

Developer – Guerilla Games

Publisher – Playstation Game Studios

Platforms – PS5, PS4

Review copy given by PlayStation AU”

Aloy is back.

Horizon: Forbidden West is an odd mix. The story-line and the direction of its plot and characters have made big leaps from the already impressive Zero Dawn

Aloy and her allied fighters are back in force. With new faces mixing with old and a story that goes to places I’ve never seen in gaming while also not really changing the core gameplay too much.

Shocking moments occur and sometimes you get three of them back to back in a way that will have you scrambling to find reaction videos or wanting your friends to see them for the sake of discussion.

The story has weight. Decisions will be made, and what happens with all of these characters will stick with you long after you’re done playing it.

This is all helped by the games fantastic visual design.

Characters are the standouts, with great animation and amazing performance capture brings them to life. This is easily the biggest single leap from the previous game. Environments and the world building they do just with art direction and style alone is fantastic. The new worlds and water environments truly pop.
A rusted, poisoned American jungle is a stellar mix and pulled off really well with the design of the world and how its presented.

The visuals and fantastic score are back as well, with another incredible audio and visual presentation. Not as oft used as before, but perfect for the brooding nature of Aloy and the mission she is on. Lots of cues that build from the original games score are here and used to perfection.

Basic game play flow returns unchanged. Enter an area, try to use stealth, take out commanders or high-powered creatures before they break your stealth. The core loop despite several new additions and tools feels remarkably similar to Zero Dawn. Despite a long break between games, this area sadly didn’t see much change or innovation.

On one hand the story, direction, writing and characters are so fun and well done that you can’t wait to see the next major mind-blowing story reveal. On the other hand, despite the story being a ton of fun to experience, the game play can feel very familiar.

One other keynote is accessibility. Horizon includes several accessibility related options, and these truly help players such as me. Customization for combat, traversal and an excellent co-pilot feature are the standouts. Being deaf can make off-screen attacks hurt, so visual cues were a tremendous help to myself.

Horizon: Forbidden West is absolutely fantastic. A sure-fire classic.

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