Review: LS15X Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset

Posted on November 15, 2021 by Michael Merchant

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Price Of Reviewed Product $100.00

Over the past month I have been gaming with the LS15X Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset for this review. I tested several different genres of games with the headset to see where it shines but also to test and see where it falters. Of course for $100, a wireless headset could have some disadvantages to it compared to some of the higher priced headsets. Let’s take a deeper dive and see how well the LS15X holds up!

First off, one of the most important factors in a headset for me personally is how comfortable it is. I have purchased quite a few headsets over the years and a lot of them fail at this simple task. If I am going to wear something on my head for several hours, I want it to be as comfortable as possible. The LS15X is actually one of the more comfortable headsets I have worn! The padding is really soft around the ears and the space for your eat to fit is enough to fit comfortably around my ears. Also the padding for the top of the headpiece is firm but soft enough for extended periods of wear. The headset is adjustable both in size of the headpiece and the rotation of the ear pads in both directions. This is perfect because it allows you to adjust to headset to fit perfectly on your head.

In terms of sound, there are some very good aspects but also some minor negatives. I’ll break this up into three categories based on the different EQs that the headset has pre-programed. No EQ, Signature Sound, and Bass Boost. I feel it is almost neccessary to utilize these EQ options as they focus on different types of needs. No EQ is probably best for just average use. I don’t really know when I would utilize this for games but maybe more so for watching certain genres of movies. The Signature Sound EQ seems more specialized for competitive FPS style games where you need to hear more subtle sounds and movements. Finally Bass Boost, which is suited for giving really explosive and action packed sequences more impact. This would be better suited to narrative games and single player experiences. Overall, the sound quality is certainly not bad for $100, but obviously doesn’t provide the experience of the more expensive headsets.

The user experience of using the headset is also very friendly. Dials on the cups of the headset are used to raise and lower the volume by rotation. You can mute the headset by pressing the left cup and mute your mic with the right. The headset itself is plug and play. Simply inserting the USB dongle into the Xbox will automatically start utilizing the headset. This is very convenient as it allows you to swap to and from the headset with ease.

Overall, for $100 the LS15X is a very competitive headset on the market and honestly one of the more comfortable that I have tried. While the headset might not offer all the bells and whistle of the higher end headsets, the different EQ settings as well as the ease of use make this a great option!

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