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Review: Lumote – The Mastermote Chronicles

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Michael Boccher

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Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles uses its strength to stand on top for fans of the genre.

Puzzle platformers are all over the place it seems nowadays. It must be daunting as a developer to come up with something that stands out in such a flooded market, but that’s exactly what Wired Productions has done with Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. It’s one of those games that stood out to me as soon as I saw it.

It’s a pretty easy game to follow. We play as Lumote, a sentient piece of Jell-o almost. As Lumote, we’ll need to move around the Great Depths and uncorrupt them from the Mastermote. The world design is rather intriguing in Lumote as there really are no levels. All of the “levels” and areas are part of a joined world. You’ll need to free each section by uncorrupting certain towers to move on.

Lumote literally makes you figure out everything for yourself, and it’s much better for it. There is no dialogue, no cinematic scenes, no real story and no characters other than Lumote and Mastermote. We have to figure out what’s going on by ourselves,  and it amounts to making sure Lumote makes things blue before Mastermote turns them red. This isn’t just some simple Q-bert type thing that sees you jump on a square, however. It’s much more nuanced and fun.

As Lumote, we’ll be able to take control of other motes and use them to move around. They can activate platforms, open up different paths,  ride them around etc. Lumote will need to do this for a total if the game’s 6 towers and 50 puzzles in all. The little things like using a mote to open up a path of flowers adds a very nice mode of variety to the game that is well spread out over the large amount of puzzles.

The game’s score is addicting. It brings me back to when I would download a ring tone on a first generation cell phone and have that techno-tronic sound of my favorite song. While the soundtrack itself is upbeat and exciting, it adds to itself with game specific moments. For example, a more exciting moment will see the tone or beat change to a faster one. In addition, Lumote succeeded in an area that is a big pet peeve of mine for puzzle platformers – the camera.

Lumote’s camera system was well implemented as it made the gameplay more immersive and flow so much smoother. It uses a full 360 degree camera being a 3D game. Jumps and double jumps were much easier to execute since I could manipulate to see exactly where I needed to land and when I needed to jump.  The completionist will fall in love with the camera. Finding hidden collectible items is much easier when you can turn a camera in exactly the right angle.   None of these are needed to beat the game, but it adds a very good challenge and level of variety.

Visually speaking,  Lumote is a definite eye catcher.   Changing everything from blue to red does not do it justice. When you factor in the different backgrounds, along with the different shades of green and purple blended in as accents, these things really blend together and make it visually pop off the screen. While the background was active with ever-changing air bubbles floating around and levels constantly moving slowly, it was very minor. Not much changed in the background, and it was a static moving environment if that makes sense. By that, I mean the things that were active didn’t change much. As Lumote is a puzzle game, it did not have that much impact. It did, however, make me notice it as the rest of the game was so dynamically different.

There wasn’t much to say negatively about Lumote. The game is what it is and it excels at that. Any fan of the puzzle platformer will surely enjoy it, as it stands out as a wolf among sheep of the genre. Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles takes the genre to a new area of play with a strategic blend of problem solving, score and gameplay that we haven’t seen mixed together in this way before. Reviewing the game on Switch was definitely a plus, as it makes for a perfect travel game that you can simply pick up and play whenever you want. Lumote stands out for fans of the genre as they will appreciate the new and classic inclusions that puzzle platformers offer.

Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is available now on Switch, PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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