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Review: MAINGEAR FORMA GT Gaming Chair

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Scott Anderson

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Price Of Reviewed Product $349

When I was a kid, I used to sit in front of our family computer on a folding chair you would generally find paired with a cheap card table. Of course, I was nine, and what I was sitting on was far less important than what I was doing, which was usually playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Fast forward 25 years, and the landscape of the computer chair has changed almost as much as the computers themselves.

MAINGEAR has actually been in the world of high-performance PCs since 2002. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the company would be eager to produce a high-performance gaming chair to accompany their top-of-the-line PC offerings. Enter their FORMA gaming chair line of products.

For the purposes of the review, I selected the FORMA GT – one of three options MAINGEAR offers their customer base.

Setup of the FORMA GT went off without a hitch. The chair went from in the box to fully assembled within about thirty minutes. At one point I had a bit of an issue trying to screw in one of the bolts for an armrest, but I chalked that up to operator error more than anything to do with the chair’s construction.

The chair is made from a foam-covered steel interior and an aluminum alloy base that has so far managed to withstand upwards of 350 pounds and multiple kids using it as an impromptu carousel. Its wide seat and cushioned contact points make for a seating experience that rivals most movie theaters in terms of comfort. I have sat for upwards of five hours at a time in the chair and never felt the need to bail due to discomfort.

The outer layer of the chair is made with a mix of leather and suede that is both breathable and easy to clean. It’s a testament to the FORMA GT’s breathability that my back remained cool and dry during prolonged play sessions – this was not the case with my previous chair. Again, I found myself only getting up when I had to, as opposed to finding the need to readjust or fan myself every half hour.

Whenever I did feel a desire to make an adjustment, there were a number of options at my disposal.

The FORMA GT includes “4D adjustable armrests” that can move every which way you can imagine. This is a great touch that offers useful flexibility based on how you sit. The chair reclines up to 165 degrees if you feel like kicking back and includes full tilt capability if rocking is more your style.

Also included are a headrest and lumbar pillow that work well to deliver the kind of refined experience you would expect from a high-quality chair. Using both pillows together was not necessarily my cup of tea, as I felt the gap between both caused me to sit a bit oddly. My wife, on the other hand, loved using both pillows, so it really comes down to preference. The fact that MAINGEAR gives you the option though is what really matters.

This premium chair does come at a premium price, however. Each of the three styles – FORMA R, FORMA R Limited Edition, and FORMA GT – retail for $349. While that may seem like a tough pill to swallow for those looking for the cheapest option, the FORMA GT sets a high bar when it comes to quality and comfort. Every chair does include a 5-year warranty, so rest assured that MAINGEAR stands behind their products.

If you are in the market for a high-end gaming chair this holiday season, don’t sleep on the FORMA line of chairs from MAINGEAR. Or do – they’re certainly comfortable enough.


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