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Review: PowerA Advantage Xbox Controller with Lumectra

Posted on September 25, 2023 by Henry

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Review unit provided by PowerA

After checking out PowerA’s Sparkle Advantage and Fusion Pro 3 controllers, I felt confident that PowerA makes excellent third party controllers that are both affordable and stylish. So when they announced the Lumectra version of their Advantage line of controllers, I knew I had to get my hands on it! For those unfamiliar, Lumectra is PowerA’s in-house RGB technology, and this particular controller comes with built-in RGB lighting for you to elevate your gaming experience.

The controller itself, which is part of PowerA’s Advantage line of wired Xbox/PC controllers, remains great as usual. It’s smooth to hold, with excellent gripping and solid button presses. This particular version comes in both black and white colorways. When holding the Lumectra version together with the Sparkle edition, the former definitely feels a bit heavier than the latter, probably due to the lighting strips inside. The three way trigger locks and dual rumble motors are present as well, adding more versatility and customization to your gaming.

Unfortunately, yes, this is still a wired only controller, but the included USB-C wire is more than sturdy and lengthy enough for all your gaming needs.

The Lumectra controller features 4 distinct RGB lighting zones and 3 dynamic lighting modes. Those who purchase the optional LED strips to attach to their desk or monitor can also sync the color lighting with the controller itself. Keep in mind these external LED strips, which are plugged in via USB, contain some extremely adhesive tape, so make sure you’re content with where you’re sticking them!

What is different between the Lumectra version with other Advantage controllers are the three new buttons on the back of the controller, titled MAP AGB, INT LED, and EXT LED. These added buttons allow you to adjust the color scheme of the controller RGB along with the LED strip on the fly. The button combinations are a little finicky in terms of how you actually change the colors, as you need to press one of the buttons, then press the directional button for which zone you want to change, then press the letter buttons for the actual color. I do appreciate that you don’t need to install third party software to actually customize the RGB combinations. Colors can be set to solid, fading, or a rotation of different colors.

One point of criticism is that it is sometimes very difficult to change the colors of the LED strips as the IR (infrared) sensor doesn’t work as intended. The LED strips use this sensor to communicate with the controller to change colors depending on your input, but sometimes it just wouldn’t work! It would have been a better alternative for PowerA to use bluetooth technology or something more technologically advanced when it comes to this. They also could have implemented compatibility with Alexa or Google Home but I get that the company is trying to build and promote their own ecosystem.

Without a doubt, the RGB on this controller looks amazing, and definitely adds personality to your gaming setup, especially if you don’t already have a gaming room decked out with ambient lighting. I know plenty of people are still exploring the infinite reaches of space in Starfield and this controller will definitely immerse you more into the overall experience. That being said, I feel like with any RGB setup, the true experience can’t be appreciated unless you play in a dark room with all the lights off. If you enjoy gaming during the day or with the lights on, then maybe this product isn’t for you.

For $44.99, the PowerA Advantage controller with Lumectra is a complete steal if you’re a gamer looking to enhance your gaming setup with beautiful RGB lighting. Keep in mind the Sparkle controller is $37.99, so the Lumectra version is a bit more expensive. Those who want an additional 4-foot RGB LED strip along with the controller can purchase a bundle for just 10 dollars more, for a total price of $54.99. There’s also a standalone 18-foot strip for $19.99 if you want even more RGB!

The PowerA Advantage controller with Lumectra is an excellent addition to your collection if you’re looking to introduce some color and style into your gaming setup. It does cost a little more than the base Advantage controller, but still offers a great budget price for those looking to not break the bank for a new great performing yet stylish controller. I look forward to PowerA’s future Lumectra products!

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