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Review: PowerA Spectra Controller (Nintendo Switch)

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Michael Merchant

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Price Of Reviewed Product $34.99

This review is for the Power A Spectra Controller for the Nintendo Switch. This wired controller features 8-Color LEDS, 2 Extra Mappable Buttons, and anti-friction rings for smoother joystick motion, and headset input. Included in the package is a 10-foot braided MicroUSB cable that is used to connect the controller to the Switch. The connection to the controller is very sturdy with a recessed connection that requires squeezing both sides of the cable to connect and disconnect the controller. It also has a break away attachment so you don’t have to worry about accidentally moving the Switch console while plugged in.

The controller has LED lights built into most of the edges of the controller. These lights can be changed to any of the 8 colors or a smooth transition cycle between all the colors on its own. You can also turn the LEDs off if you prefer. The joysticks have a beveled texture around the thumbpad that gives a great surface for your thumb to grip and the anti-friction ring around the joystick provides extremely smooth motion when moving the joystick. Texturally, the Spectra is very smooth to hold. There are no jagged edges or different texture on the controller that can cause irritation to the palms or thumbs.

The buttons are very responsive and have a great tension. While using the Spectra, I actually preferred the tension of the face buttons and triggers compared other controllers such as the Switch Pro Controller. This was pretty surprising considering the cost different of the two controllers. The programmable buttons on the backside of the grips are comfortably positioned where your middle finger rests while holding the controller. These buttons can be mapped to provide extra customization options.

Dimensionally, the Spectra is almost identical to the Switch Pro Controller but seems just a tiny bit heavier in weight but I’m not sure it would be noticeable if you weren’t holding them together. Overall, for the price of the Spectra compared to other controllers, it is an excellent option for a wired controller and the LED lights add a nice aesthetic to your gaming setup. If you don’t mind using a wired controller over a wireless option, I would definitely recommend using the Spectra by Power A.

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