Review: QubicGames 20 for 20 Anniversary Bundle

Posted on May 22, 2024 by fncwill

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While almost all of these games are ports from mobile versions, a lot of them hold up very well on PC, and definitely showcase years of greatness from QubicGames’s 20 years. While some of them should only be played on mobile if at all, for $20 this bundle is worth the cost for the amount of games and the few gems from it . however for those on a tighter budget, definitely just play the games on mobile where most are free.

Developers – Multiple

Publisher – QubicGames

Platforms –  PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Pirate PR on behalf of Publisher

Note: This review is a little different and the main Review Score is the average for the bundle as a whole, each game will also have its own score out of 10 below each game. Also note that due to there been many games to review in this bundle , the reviews of each will be much shorter then my other reviews, and some might be a more brief recap of what the game is about.

It’s crazy to think QubicGames has been around for 20 years now, what’s even crazier is that they’re dropping a 20 for 20 Anniversary bundle of 20 of some of the top games they have to offer for only $20 ! What’s even crazier though is the challenge Pirate PR has put on me, to review all 20 of the games in the bundle, and I’m always down for a challenge!

Game 1: is a game where you control a black hole, swallowing everything in your path to grow larger. After picking one of the 13 animated skins to customize your black hole, it’s your goal to become the largest black hole by consuming garbage cans, fire hydrants, cars, and even other players.

The game features six distinct maps, each brimming with unique items to devour. You can dive into multiplayer mode, competing against up to three other players on a single screen, or opt for endless mode, where objects rain down from the sky, challenging you to keep swallowing and growing. Powerups add an extra layer of excitement, spawning throughout the game to give you a competitive edge.’s simple controls and straightforward rules make it accessible to players of all ages, while most people probably know this game as one they’ve played on their mobile phone, coming to a bigger screen I’ll probably add this one to my party-game list in between rounds of jack-box party packs.

Score: 8/10

Game 2: 2 2 is very similar to except instead of being a black hole, your objective is to expand your territory by gliding over a white space or your opponents’ areas, and then connecting back to your own color to claim new ground. The thrill of the game lies in the strategic maneuvering required to outsmart your rivals while protecting your vulnerable tail from being cut by others.

While this game takes a bit more skill than, it’s a bit less fun to me.

Score: 6.5/10

Game 3: Mob Control

I really love this game, and personally have the mobile version on my iPhone. Mob Control offers a unique blend of strategy and action, where your primary objective is to amass a formidable army by firing mobs from your cannon in a tower defense style. The gameplay is highly engaging as you witness your troops multiply exponentially, thanks to the strategic use of speed boosts, multipliers, and moving gates scattered across the levels. The excitement peaks when you deploy supercharged champions to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

The local multiplayer mode is a standout feature, allowing you to team up with a friend and double the fun by controlling two cannons simultaneously.

As you progress, you unlock booster packs of varying rarities, enhancing your card collection and unlocking powerful new units. These collectible cards can significantly elevate your strategy, offering endless possibilities for customization and growth.

Mob Control excels in its ability to combine fast-paced action with strategic depth. The game’s blend of tower defense mechanics and collectible card elements makes for an addictive and enjoyable experience.

Score: 10/10

Game 4: Golf Guys

Golf Guys is a game where you face off against a dozen opponents in an ultimate golf battle royale. Players must master the nuances of aiming, wind direction, and shot power to excel. The tournament mode stands out by introducing a variety of maps with unique rules and obstacles.

For those looking to hone their skills, Zen Mode offers a stress-free environment to practice and refine techniques.

Golf Guys is alright, but much rather play a proper mini golf-type game like Golf with Friends than a Chip and Putt style golf game.

Score: 5/10

Game 5: Helix Jump

This is probably the most boring game of the bundle by far! Helix Jump is a fast-paced game where your ball drops through colorful platforms, and your goal is to avoid the red spots, or it’s game over! The game is a bit of a challenge but still quite easy, the main focus is to master your reflexes and anticipate obstacles by rotating platforms to guide the bouncing ball through gaps, achieving combo moves and higher scores, and if you pass three levels consecutively, you earn invincibility for the first bounce on the next level.

Yeah, it’s not a very exciting game and this one should have just remained on mobile, like most of the games in this bundle ( if not all) are ported from.

Score: 3/10

Game 6: The Nom

In The Nom, players embark on a perilous quest to defeat Dr. Vial and regain their human form. Armed with unique abilities like wall-walking and object morphing, they navigate through dangerous levels, facing fierce guards and formidable bosses. Players can unleash various attacks, upgrade their abilities, and tackle bonus challenges for rewards. Stealth is crucial in some levels, where evasion trumps confrontation.

This game is definitely one of the weirder ones in the bundle , but was surprisingly quite more enjoyable than I was expecting.

Score: 6.5/10

Game 7: Infantry Attack

This next game feels like it should be beside Time Crisis or one of those other shooter machines in the movie theater arcade.

In this intense warfare game, enemy troops ranging from infantry to helicopters, tanks, warplanes, and drones, take on your squad, which comprises an explosive Expert armed with an RPG rocket launcher for devastating vehicle damage, a Rifleman with exceptional long-range shooting skills, and a Grenadier specialized in ground unit combat. As the commander of the machine gun, you’re tasked with clearing the battlefield and engaging in missions across diverse warzones, including cities, deserts, jungles, forests, airports, and more.

This is definitely one of the top games in the bundle


Game 8: Bucket Crusher

This game is literally just a game about using a saw to cut down pixel block structures and use the destroyed blocks to upgrade your saw … idk where the name bucket crusher comes into play but , this game is more of just a time waster.

Score: 2.5/10

Game 9: Sausage Wars

Sausage Wars is an arena party game where up to 4 players and 20 bots brawl over sink domination. in this game, you take control of a sausage character and fight until death. There are three modes, Last Sausage Standing mode, where survival is key, or respawn in Arena mode to battle for the highest score. You can also team up with others in teamfight mode for intense deathmatches. With varying environments like the kitchen, garden, and maniac’s lab, each offering unique obstacles, the chaos never ends.

This game is basically gang wars with Sausages

Score: 6/10

Game 10: Amaze

Half way done ! and this game is a simple one to explain . Amaze is …. yeah you guessed its a maze game but instead of finding the exit , you must paint over every tile in the maze.

In the relaxing Classic mode, players can leisurely enjoy the game without time pressure, focusing on strategic moves and thoughtful gameplay. The tense Time Rush mode adds a thrilling element with time constraints, urging players to make quick decisions under pressure. In the puzzling Limited Moves mode, players are challenged to solve puzzles within a set number of moves, requiring careful planning and efficient execution. Each mode offers a unique experience, catering to different preferences and skill levels. Additionally, there are two-player variants of each mode, allowing for competitive gameplay and interaction between players.

Score: 8/10

Game 11 and 12: Dig Deep and Astro Miner

I’m going to group these two games together as they feel almost like the same idea of a game except one your using a vacuum gun and the other one your actually mining for rocks,gems and other minerals.

As mentioned both are engaging mining-themed games that offer unique experiences. In Astro Miner, players explore space, mining resources from asteroids and planets. On the other hand, Dig Deep takes players underground, where they dig through caves and caverns. Both games share similarities in resource gathering and procedural generation, but differ in setting and visual style.

Score: 6.5/10

Game 13: Run Sausage Run

Moving back into the Sausage themed games , we got Run Sausage Run. The game is a obstacle racing game that feels a bit like Bit.Trip Runner.

Not really much to say about this one, it’s just a another boring party style game, to help reach 20 games in the bundle. Although i do like the Sausage Party style artwork there trying to go for.

Score: 3.5/10

Game 14: ASMR Slicing

This one isn’t even really a game , and is more just a ASMR sound experience of cutting objects with other random tools/objects. It’s satisfying but isn’t really anything special

Score: 5/10

Game 15: Light-it Up

In Light-It Up, you play as a small stickman with a grand mission in a vast, dark world. Your goal is to ignite excitement and bring light to various shapes, coloring them vibrantly as you progress through the game. The adventure tests your reflexes and agility as you jump, flip, slide, and swing through a colorful world filled with moving, rotating, and even exploding shapes.

The game features 150 levels where you’ll need to strategically use obstacles to your advantage while avoiding deadly traps. As you navigate the levels, you’ll face increasing challenges, including lethal spikes that threaten your stickman’s life. If you miss a jump, fail a swing, or hit a spike, you’ll fall into oblivion.

This game is decently fun , but a lot of the levels feel to similar.

Score: 8/10

Game 16: Aquarium Land

In Aquarium Land, players dive into a vibrant aquatic world teeming with amazing marine animals. The primary objective is to catch a variety of species, such as goldfish, starfish, and koi fish, to expand and enhance your aquarium. As players fish in the sea and swim through different waterscapes, they can drive motorboats, ride jet skis, or simply dive in with a friend in the multiplayer mode. Each discovery, from tiny fish to legendary sea creatures, attracts more visitors to the aquarium, boosting the player’s reputation and revenue.

The gameplay encourages exploration and investment in the aquarium shop. Players can upgrade their facilities, acquire new aquariums, and decorate them to create a captivating environment for visitors. The game features numerous aquatic worlds, over 100 species to catch, and various customization options, including 20 funny skins and character upgrades.

This game is definitely another one of the highlights of this bundle

Score: 8.5/10

Game 17 and 18: Pocket Mini Golf 1 and 2

Making up for Game 4: Golf Guys, we have Pocket Mini Golf 1 and 2. While Pocket Mini Golf 1 is not in the steam bundle and only the sequel #2 is , the first one was included in the review package I got so I’ll cover both , aswell as the game I didn’t get a review code for out of the 20 (Eyes: The Horror Game), which I purchased myself .

Getting into Pocket Golf though, Pocket Mini Golf is a port from the Switch ,which means the quality of this one is much higher then other games in the bundle easily. The gameplay is straightforward: hold, aim, and release to nail the perfect trick shot. Be careful not to overshoot, or you’ll end up in the void. you’ll also need to adjust the strength, angle, and add some curves to your shot. With the realistic physics engine, the ball’s movement feels natural. The courses and holes are also visually stunning, featuring fun and engaging obstacles.

Score: 10/10

Game 19: Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger is a action-packed game where players take on the role of a stylish, acrobatic secret agent. The game combines platforming with shooting mechanics, requiring players to strategically eliminate enemies while performing impressive stunts. Each level challenges players to time their shots perfectly as Johnny flips, jumps, and slides through various scenarios.

Score: 8/10

Game 20: Johnny Trigger: Snipper

Following the same character as above , Unlike its predecessor, this version focuses on precision shooting from a distance. Players must carefully aim and take out enemies from afar, using a variety of sniper rifles.

Score: 9/10

Bonus Game: Eyes: The Horror Game

As mentioned above, this game wasn’t a part of the press package I was given for this bundle, and instead, I received a code for pocket mini golf 1 (which only #2 shows in the bundle on Steam) however, I decided to purchase this game and add it as a bonus to this review as it is included in the bundle after-all.

The game plunges you into a series of terrifying environments where venturing in was a bad idea. Armed with bravery and determination, you’ll face revenge-seeking Krasue, the haunting demon Charles, and more nightmarish creatures.

Your mission is simple: collect as many bags of money as possible while evading these horrors. Each level, from an abandoned homestead to a haunted hospital and a possessed school, is filled with traps, leaving no place safe. Collect runes—eyes—painted on walls to see through your opponent’s eyes and predict their movements.

The game features uniquely designed, dynamically changing levels reminiscent of old classics. You can choose to hide or run, using your map and Eye to survive. Hidden notes across levels reveal a mysterious history, adding depth to the horror.

Score: 6/10

Recap of Bundle:

While almost all of these games are ports from mobile versions, a lot of them hold up very well on PC, and definitely showcase years of greatness from QubicGames’s 20 years. While some of them should only be played on mobile if at all, for $20 this bundle is worth the cost for the amount of games and the few gems from it . however for those on a tighter budget, definitely just play the games on mobile where most are free.

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