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Review: Resident Evil 3: Remake

Posted on March 30, 2020 by David Rodriguez

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  • 8.8/10
    Total Score - 8.8/10


“Jill Valentine’s brash attitude and confidence give Resident Evil 3 a Paul Verhoeven 80’s feel that nobody should miss.”

Developer –Capcom

Publisher – Capcom

Release Date – April 3rd, 2020

Platforms – PC, PS4, Xbox One


My review for Resident Evil 2 harped a lot on my nostalgia of the original. That game more than most others is a big part of memories I’ve had, some that I still reflect on to this day.

The game itself was also so great that it’s quality and my memories form this huge presence in my heart and mind.

Resident Evil 3 is a very different experience for myself in that regard. It’s the only mainline entry that I only played once, and outside of Nemesis jump scares I really couldn’t tell you much about anything else that happens during it.

Coming into RE3 Remake was a challenge, because I was basically going into this without any nostalgia or great memories with it to hold me through. It would be the first time in a long time I’m judging a classic Resident Evil based purely on it’s own merits here and now.

Thankfully, the lack of familiarity was a blessing in disguise. During my play through I was engrossed and wrapped up in the experience that I completed it in a single sitting.

For those who are completely in the dark, Resident Evil 3 stars S.T.A.R.S veteran Jill Valentine. The story unfolds both before AND after Leon and Claire’s arrival in Racoon City.

Nemesis, the latest bio-weapon from Umbrella is out to hunt any surviving members of S.T.A.R.S, and this hunt takes place amidst Racoon City’s chaotic downfall.

Right away RE3 strikes a very different tone than it’s predecessor. Despite similarities in the overall feel, graphic engine and basic gameplay, Resident Evil 3 is a completely different animal in terms of it’s approach to design.

Resident Evil 2 is about mystery, survival, and watching newcomers come to grips with the zombie outbreak and becoming more confident by it’s conclusion.

RE3 is the complete opposite. Jill has already been in zombie infested waters, and everything about the story, gameplay and tone adhere to that knowledge.

This game is far less about survival, and much more about bringing the fight to the infected. Jill is extremely confident, she is brash and she doesn’t blink, even at the sight of some grotesque creatures.

This change is represented in game by a couple of different factors. First and foremost the amount of weapons and ammo is significantly increased from before, but so is the sheer number of enemies at times.

Jill also sports a nifty dodge, and if timed correctly she can go into bullet time and empty the clip or use the slow-mo to get a better position, and often times you will absolutely need this technique. Even better is the dodge works in all facets of gameplay. I was able to take down Nemesis with just a pistol and a shotgun by careful use of the dodge mechanic.

Dodging will be essential, because Nemesis is just as fast and deadly as you remember him. He doesn’t really jump scare as much as the original, but every time he appears the tension ratchets up considerably.

Taking him down does come with it’s rewards, with ammo or permanent weapon upgrades are very useful and worth the risk of facing him when he appears.

Jill isn’t alone, during the campaigns 6-8 hour runtime you can fully expect to cross paths with some new and familiar faces.

Carlos, Mikhail, and Nikolai are Umbrella soldiers tasked with saving citizens from the T-Virus, and Carlos provides a nice back and forth for Jill and their chemistry adds a lot to this remake.

Unlike RE2 Remake however, this remake changes a significant amount of content. Dynamic choices, several key boss fights and areas are completely changed or gone from the original.

Now, as somebody who doesn’t have much nostalgia for Nemesis, these changes weren’t much of a concern or big deal, and the new changes added were a blast to play. However I will recognize that some may be let down at the altered content, but judging this as a title in the present day, the campaign as excellent.

The action focus and Nemesis being the primary antagonist drive a clear and concise campaign from it’s start to it’s end. The flow from start to end is very tight, and the lack of excess areas and forced backtracking make for a fun ride.

Visually the RE engine once again delivers. Playing on PS4 Pro, every single scene was drop dead gorgeous. Some sections were hideous, and no matter what happened on screen it performed fantastically. The cast do a great job with the new script, and the decidedly 80’s tone of the one liners and cheesy jokes go a long way to adding brevity.

In terms of replay value, RE3 remake doesn’t feature the alternate campaigns that 2 did, instead opting for a ton of unlocks and fun weapons to use on repeat playthroughs.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is a great game. Without nostalgia to anchor me, it does a fantastic job of standing on it’s own feet for the modern era. It’s a superb entry in a legendary series, and I just hope the remake train continues.

“Editors Note” Servers were not functional for the multiplayer game Resistance. This review will be updated we can play with it online. Our score is for the single player only.

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David Rodriguez is a senior editor at Rectify Gaming and a freelance writer at Gamepur and has been gaming for 30 years.His work has also appeared at NTF Gaming, Rectify Gaming, Gamepur, Opencritic, and Metacritic.

About The Author

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is a senior editor at Rectify Gaming and a freelance writer at Gamepur and has been gaming for 30 years.

His work has also appeared at NTF Gaming, Rectify Gaming, Gamepur, Opencritic, and Metacritic.