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Review: Steredenn on Xbox One.

Game – Steredenn
Release Date – April 1st
Platform – Xbox One
Developer- Pixelnest Studio
Price- $12.99
Steredenn is a very interesting side scrolling space fighter. When I first stepped into it a part of it reminded me of Asteroids from back in the day because it had those graphics and of course it was in space. The games story is pretty simple, every time you start the campaign random waves on enemies spawn and as you progress it gets harder. There are several different bosses in the game, I found the first one to be pretty difficult but the later ones are even worse. As you play the game random weapons such as a laser, rocket, and other special weapons spawn. These can help you very well when you get to the bosses since they fire so many different types of bullets.
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There are 4 game modes.

  1. Your regular playthrough.
  2. Daily Run can only be used for one day. When you get into this game mode make sure you do your best and you’ll be put on a leaderboard
  3. Arena is where you can 1 v 1 each boss that you have beaten previously.
  4. Superplay allows you to select a variant of the game (with a number). Each time you play this variant, you get the same waves, weapons and upgrades. It’s perfect for speedruns or high-level trainings.

Screenshot original
The gameplay is pretty unique I love the way they used the pixel art in this game. The background looks fantastic and as you progress in the game the way it all changes. One thing I love about this game too is that at times you can get so many enemies on the screen at once. The controls are very easy to get used to which is very convenient to newer gamers coming from other platforms. When you first play it don’t be surprised at how many times you will die at the first boss because I’ve probably fought it 10 times before beating it. You’ll start to learn all the ways the bosses fire their guns at you every run is different but eventually you’ll figure it out.

This game has some easy achievements such as die x amount of times or kill an x amount of enemies. It takes time especially to complete the game is not easy so I’d rate it between medium-hard.

If you’re an old time gamer you’ll enjoy this game because of the challenges it has to offer. If you’re a raging fan you’ll like this game, I’ve found myself raging quite a few times at the boss. Other than the playthrough and the 4 game modes I don’t think this game as a ton to offer I feel most people will finish this game within 1-2 weeks and after that I feel it’s a dust collector. I do think the game was very good and you should consider buying it on Xbox One.
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