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Review: Stikbold! on Xbox One.

Game – Stikbold!
Release Date – April 8th
Platform – Xbox One
Developer- Game Swing
Price- $9.99

Stikbold! is a fun and random dodgbeball game that may at first get you thinking why am I playing this? Well, I can tell you that I did ask my self the same thing but when I continued the un-serious story I got into it. The game is a groovy 70s-themed single and local multiplayer fantasy dodgeball game with intense, quirky arenas and chaos-inducing random events which change the outcome of each round. It’s a little different from your regular dodge ball, from when I used to play to get your team member back  you’d have to catch the ball. Well this time when one is down you have to stand by them for a few seconds to get them back up. The one thing is that when you vs the AI they can’t do that but you can also say the have more than 2 people on your team. When you first start playing they teach you how to throw the ball, how to hide from shots and more.
Stikbold 3-min
The maps in Stikbold! have their own special side to them. When you start playing through the campaign you’ll notice each map has something going on such as a bus or a wave on the beach to mess you up which can become your best friend if you know the map right. When you first step on any map you’ll have some difficulty figuring out what happens for example, on the beach they have crabs and a wave that can weaken a player or there are jelly fish around the map to throw at the other team to get them off their game. Another note, all the maps seem to be the same size.
While I was questioning this game I was saying this art is not great but it works out great once you play it more you’ll realize the art isn’t the biggest issue. The controls are simple to understand which is always good for a new comer and someone who wants to learn fast. I feel the gameplay is smooth, I haven’t seen any choppy gameplay. At times the games you play can get competitive especially if you’re tied 2-2 and 3 is the tie breaker it happened to me a few times and this is a game where you rarely rage at. Also, when you are playing through the campaign you unlock some characters you beat from the round so it’s not always the same people on the team.

When I was playing I had a hard time popping up achievements so they aren’t very easy. I’d rate them at a medium.

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