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Review: Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky's Tale
  • 8/10
    Total Score - 8.0/10


If you enjoy platformers or are looking for something relaxing to play, then definitely consider Super Lucky’s Tale.


Super Lucky’s Tale is the sequel to 2016’s Lucky’s Tale, a VR headset release; however, Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t a VR game at all. Instead, it’s a 3D platformer, released exclusively for the Xbox One family of systems and Windows 10 PCs. Should you pay the €30 price and pick up Super Lucky’s Tale? Find out in our review below.

Story: Super Lucky’s Tale has a pretty basic story, but for a platformer it does the job. You play as Lucky, a young fox who is a guardian. One day Lucky’s sister, Lyral, finds the Book of Ages, a book which lets one travel to different worlds and rewrite history. Unfortunately, the Kitty Litter gang, led by Lucky’s father Jinx, attack him and his sister. The result leaves Lucky and the Kitty Litter gang stuck inside the Book of Ages.

Super Lucky's Tale - Pirate Ship

Gameplay: Super Lucky’s Tale is a standard 3D platformer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s not on the level of say Mario or Ratchet & Clank, which have had years to redefine their gameplay. Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t a 360 degree platformer, however, the camera can be moved into three different perspectives. I didn’t have any issues with this the majority of the time, but there were instances where the camera became annoying. There are also 2D levels that offer a nice change of pace. Lucky has a few moves he can use, such as a tail spin to attack. He can also dig underground and perform standard jump and double jump moves. In terms of collectibles, you will spend your time gathering up a ton of cloves, which you need to unlock new levels in each of the worlds, as well as coins, which are used as in-game currency.

Graphics: Graphics wise, Super Lucky’s Tale is a gorgeous game. The colors are bright and pop. The art style is wonderful and the animation is, for the most part, really good. I did notice some stuttering in a few parts. This wasn’t a massive issue, but it’s worth noting. Just to note, I played Super Lucky’s Tale on the Xbox One S on a 1080p TV. It plays the same on the original Xbox One as well. However, thanks to Rectify Gaming writer Daniel Hartshorn, I have information on what Super Lucky’s Tale runs and looks like on the Xbox One X on a 4K HDR TV.

Xbox One X- Daniel Hartshorn

“Super Lucky’s Tale is one of the 170+ announced Xbox One X enhanced titles. On the Xbox One X Super Lucky’s Tale runs at Native 4K at 60FPS. During gameplay on the X, Super Lucky seems to run at a solid 60fps with no noticeable drops in frame rate. The Graphics at 4k look sharp and the colors are bright and vivid. Unfortunately the game doesn’t support HDR, which would have further enhanced the colors on supported TVs.

On the Xbox One X, Super Lucky runs exceptionally well. There’s an improvement to loading times between levels and worlds compared to when running it on the Xbox One or One S.”

Super Lucky's Tale - Lucky Bridge

Final Thoughts

Super Lucky’s Tale doesn’t do anything groundbreaking or change the way we see 3D platformers. Frankly, it doesn’t need to. It takes the standard 3D platforming gameplay and turns it into a fantastic and fun game. The graphics are gorgeous. It does have some issues with stuttering in some places after loading a level, but the majority of the time it plays well. The story is basic though, which while not a massive issue for a platformer, I would like to see a bigger emphasis on story in a potential sequel. I feel like the loading times could have been shorter. Some are only a few seconds long, but others felt like they were around 10-15 seconds (at least on the Xbox One and Xbox One S). Overall, if you own an Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC, then Super Lucky’s Tale is a game that you should play. It only costs €30, and if you enjoy platformers or are looking for something relaxing to play, then definitely consider Super Lucky’s Tale.


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