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Review: Super Robot Wars 30

Posted on October 29, 2021 by David Rodriguez

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  • 7/10
    Total Score - 7/10


If you are even remotely into old school tactical rpg’s, or a fan of mecha, this game is a dream come true.

Developer – B.B.STUDIO CO.,LTD

Publisher – Bandai Namco Entertainment

Platforms – PC – Official English Release

Check out the opening mission!

This review is coming from somebody with only some familiarity to the SRW franchise.

Now what is Super Robot Wars 30 you ask?

Super Robot Wars franchise is a series of turn based tactical strategy games that combine a variety of popular robot series such as Gundam and Mazinger in huge one crossover event.

The art is striking

The Super Robot Wars series takes place in a world that somehow contains all of Japans most famous mecha universes together. The protagonist, a male or female who you name but can’t customize is a pilot who ends up in an original mecha named the Huckebein 30 designed by Hajime Katoki. You then defend the world while piloting a your unique mecha and crossing over with other various series.

If it sounds like nonsense, for the most part it is. However, the story is well told, and the English translation is the best in the series by far.

The plot is more of a device to bridge all of these different universes together and it’s pretty easy to follow without any knowledge of the previous games. The highlights of any crossover game such as Orochi Warriors, or Project X Zone are the moments these different franchises get to shine.

There is something for everybody in this collection

TheΒ 30 series lineup-has popular mecha franchises. Ranging from Code Geass, Gundam, Char’s Mashin Hero Wataru, Counterattack, and tons more. It’s an otaku fans dream collaboration.

The actual gameplay is tried and true tactical rpg in the vein of Vandal Hearts or Fire Emblem. One of the more unique features of the strategy in this game is a system called EX Action, where you will get a bonus action if your units manage to defeat enemies within the same turn and move again. Ex actions also have other variables, such as ignoring size differences or defense parameters.

It’s nothing revolutionary by any means, but the tactics are solid with plenty of options, upgrades and multiple upgrade and leveling systems for pilots and mechs in and out of battle to keep you occupied

Animations can be fast forwarded or skipped

What really pushes this game are the absolutely fantastic animations. Every time a fight occurs you are treated to fan fair on a scale most games only dream of. The attention to detail in the sprite work and every single special attack is utterly fantastic and some of the best I have ever seen. Sure, at some point you will skip these animations or fast forward them, but even near the end of the game I was getting new units and always wanted to see every attack they had.

If you are even remotely into old school tactical rpg’s, or a fan of mecha and anime this game is a dream come true.

It isn’t perfect, with a mostly forgettable plot and the later battles can drag for a long time, but as my first entry I enjoyed it a lot and I’m looking forward to whatever they have planned next.

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David Rodriguez is a former writer at Rectify Gaming.