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Posted on March 20, 2024 by fncwill

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Taxi Life stands out as a compelling fusion of simulator and arcade driving game, with fun challenges that feel right out of Crazy Taxi or Midtown Madness, providing players with a unique and immersive journey through the streets of Barcelona while managing their taxi empire, I just wish it had slightly better controls, as this is the main focal point of the game, and takes away from the experience greatly. The game’s price tag at $30 USD is also a bit more than I’d pay for a game like this, and to me feels like it would do better in the $14.99-$19.99 range. And don’t get me started on the overpriced DLC packs.

Developer – Simteract

Publisher – Nacon

Platforms –  PS5, Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Publisher

Created in 2021, NACON’s LIFE range aims to create a catalogue of video games dedicated to life simulations. Simulation games are attracting more and more gamers who are looking for increasingly immersive experiences and want to try uncommon or very technical professions. In these LIFE simulators, players can experience the life of a range of jobs through varied game mechanics that combine planning,managing and performing specific tasks related to the relevant profession. In the latest Life game , We are taking a look at becoming a professional Taxi Driver.

Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator provides a distinctive experience, allowing you to step into the role of a taxi driver and the manager of your own taxi company. Your goal is to pick up and drop off passengers at various locations around Barcelona while adhering to traffic regulations, responding to road incidents, and satisfying customer requests to earn high ratings and generous tips. Moreover, you are responsible for developing your taxi company: recruiting other drivers, increasing your vehicle fleet, and making strategic decisions to ensure the growth and success of your business.

One of the appealing aspects of this game is its meticulous replication of Barcelona. The development team has accurately reproduced a significant portion of Gaudi’s city at a 1:1 scale, featuring 460 km (285 miles) of roads and notable landmarks such as Royal Square, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, and Plaça de Catalunya. During the game, You don’t have to just drive and focus on building your taxi cab empire, but you can take advantage of your free time between fares to explore the city and visit numerous points of interest, which will grant you experience to unlock new abilities. To enhance the sense of realism, the street names are in Catalan, and the entire game is translated into Catalan to honor the city and its people.

In Taxi Life, there are 5 “objectives” or different things you want to be aware of and keep in mind while you grow your taxi cab empire, those things are: Driving Performance & Etiquette, Maintenance, Vehicle Comfort & Customizations, Completing Challenges & Taking care of VIP Riders, and lastly and most importantly growing your success and building out the company.

When it comes to Driving Performance & Etiquette, your responsibilities as a taxi driver extend beyond merely transporting customers to their destinations while obeying traffic regulations and adjusting your route to accommodate random events (such as accidents, construction, and parades) and varying driving conditions (like night-time and wet surfaces). It is also essential to cater to your passengers’ needs, which may include changing the radio station, turning on the heat, or providing recommendations for places to visit. By promptly responding to their requests, you can earn excellent ratings and receive generous tips from your passengers.

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In Taxi Life, maintaining your vehicle is a crucial aspect of managing your taxi company and ensuring its success. As a taxi driver, you must stay vigilant and monitor the various indicators on your car’s dashboard to identify any issues that may arise and address them promptly. These indicators can provide early warnings of potential problems, such as low fuel, engine temperature, or tire pressure, allowing you to take action before they escalate into significant issues that could leave you stranded or cause severe damage to your vehicle.

To maintain your taxis in top condition, you will need to visit service stations and garages regularly. These facilities offer a range of maintenance tasks, including routine inspections, repairs, and cleaning services. By staying on top of these tasks, you can keep your taxi running smoothly and avoid costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Cleaning your taxi is an essential maintenance task that should not be overlooked. A clean and well-maintained taxi not only creates a more pleasant experience for your passengers but also helps to project a professional image for your business. By visiting a car wash or garage, you can have your taxi thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out, ensuring that it remains presentable and attractive to potential customers.

In addition to these routine maintenance tasks, you may also need to take your taxi to a garage for more significant repairs or replacement of worn-out parts. These repairs can be costly, so it’s essential to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance needs and address any issues promptly to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs down the line. By investing in regular maintenance and repairs, you can keep your taxi running smoothly and reliably, ensuring that you can continue to provide excellent service to your customers and grow your business.

In Taxi Life, you have the freedom to customize your car model and driving style, as well as the vehicle’s size, color, cabin, rims, components, and accessories. As you progress through the game, you can use the money and experience you earn to upgrade these features, enhancing both the performance and appearance of your taxi. This level of customization allows you to tailor your taxi to your specific preferences and driving style, creating a unique and personalized experience that reflects your individuality and helps you stand out on the streets of Barcelona. Not only do these customizations enhance the customers experience and comfort , it can lead to you being a more premium ride and get more tips.

Throughout the game , you will have the opportunity to undertake various challenges. These special missions may include tasks such as driving as fast as possible while disregarding speeding fines or strictly adhering to all traffic regulations, to make sure your VIP client gets to there destination on time. It’s important to note that the customers in these missions have particularly high expectations, so you will need to be at the top of your game to satisfy their demands. Completing these challenges successfully can earn you rewards and recognition, providing an exciting and engaging experience that adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to the game.

Not only is this a driving simulator though , it’s also part business management simulator. In addition to simulating the life of a taxi driver, Taxi Life challenges you to assume the role of an entrepreneur. You will be responsible for creating and managing your own taxi business, using your fare profits to purchase new cars, hiring employees based on their profiles, and assigning them to specific cars, districts, and time slots. To maximize your profits, you will need to make strategic decisions and carefully manage your resources, balancing the needs of your business with the demands of your customers. This combination of taxi driving and business management creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that will keep you engaged and motivated throughout.

Taxi Life is a highly engaging and immersive taxi driving simulator that offers a unique experience and insight into the role of being a taxi driver and running a fleet of drivers . With its meticulous recreation of Barcelona, the game provides an authentic and realistic representation of the city, allowing you to explore its many landmarks and points of interest, although I would have personally liked a different area myself ( not New York or LA , but maybe something like Chicago or Vancouver ). The game feels like the perfect mix between simulator, and being a crazy driving game like Midtown Madness or Crazy Taxi with the challenges.

Despite its strengths, Taxi Life does have room for improvement in its driving mechanics and controls, which can feel clunky and unresponsive at times, aswell as a old Logitech steering wheel I had lying around was not supported (It shows up as a controller in steam and responds when testing with other games) , which the devs have been working on fixs for more controllers and wheels , so hopefully this will get fixed eventually , although the current supported list is quite small. However, with practice and patience, players can adapt to these quirks.

Overall, Taxi Life stands out as a compelling fusion of simulator and arcade driving game, with fun challenges that feel right out of Crazy Taxi or Midtown Madness, providing players with a unique and immersive journey through the streets of Barcelona while managing their taxi empire , I just wish it had slightly better controls, as this is the main focal point of the game , and takes away from the experience greatly. The game’s pricetag at $30 USD is also a bit more then I’d pay for a game like this, and to me feels like it would do better at the $14.99-$19.99 range. And don’t get me started on the over-priced DLC packs where a single “VIP Vintage Convertible Car ” is $4.99 USD (Although this was reportedly being given out for free for the first week during launch) and the supporter pack being $9 USD.

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