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Posted on March 10, 2024 by fncwill

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WWE 2K24 is the Wrestling game of all Wrestling games and puts the recent AEW game to shame with the number of modes and matches and the amount of polish to gameplay upgrades.

WWE 2K24 has built upon its predecessor’s foundation to deliver a wrestling experience that feels both familiar and fresh. The game’s improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and expansive roster make it a must-play for wrestling fans. The addition of new match types and a more in-depth career mode provide players with even more ways to enjoy the game. WWE 2K24 is a solid entry in the series that is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the franchise, WWE 2K24 is a game that should not be missed, so get out there and #FinishYourStory.

Developer – Visual Concepts

Publisher – 2K

Platforms –  PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Publisher

WWE, those 3 letters mean so much to me. As a child, I didn’t have many friends and spent most of my time alone indoors by myself, and that led me to watch WWE and play the videogames to take my mind off of things. But what has changed from watching Hulk Hogan and The Rock on the big tube TV in the family room, and ripping the palms of my hand as I spun the thumbstick on my nunchuck to break out of a pin while playing WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 on the Nintendo Wii?

In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into the modes, match types, and overall experience that WWE 2K24 has to offer. With a roster packed to the brim with legends and current Superstars, this is a game that’s sure to transport you back in time and leave you feeling like a kid again. So, without further ado, let’s lace up our boots and step into the ring for a closer look at WWE 2K24


In WWE 2K24’s unique career mode MyRise, you’ll experience two new storylines: the women’s division Unleashed experience and the men’s division Undisputed experience. Players are tasked with creating an original Superstar to forge their career path and leave an unforgettable legacy, with 80 rewards to be unlocked, including arenas, Paybacks, entrances, MyFACTION cards, and championship belts. Between the two experiences, there are over six hours of original dialogue, featuring franchise-first voiceover performances from Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, Mick Foley, Shotzi, and more.

As players explore each archetype, in a MyRISE first, they’ll unlock 3 new entrances, and 2 new Paybacks, that will be usable game-wide. You’ll also be given the chance to define what sort of heel, star, or supernatural character you want to be, with choices that will be reflected not only in dialogue, matches, and cutscenes, but costumes and load screens.

One of the new things this year is players will be able to see a different perspective in a series of optional storylines that feature a new MyRISE original character – Psycho Sally, allowing for a deeper dive into the themes of Unleashed.

In addition to original arenas and championship belts, as mentioned for the first time ever, players will be able to unlock MyRISE-specific MyFACTION cards from both Undisputed and Unleashed. In Undisputed, this includes cards for fan-favorite characters such as Cole Quinn, Chosen, Slade, Tavish, and Xavier Woods’ alter ego, Zero.

Without spoiling anything, this year’s MyRise campaigns are some of the best Campaigns in not just WWE games but in games in general and the amount of plot and story planning that must have gone into this by the developers is something that needs to be recognized.


MyFACTION is a game mode where you collect and build a team of WWE Superstars and Legends like “Trading Cards”. It offers a strategic twist on traditional wrestling matches, allowing you to build and manage your team for online domination.

The biggest changes to this mode are the introduction of Persona cards, an enhanced Faction Wars game mode, and competitive Ranked Matchmaking.

Persona Cards operate and function the same as Superstar cards, but they offer an alternate attire option and can be used across MyFACTION modes and WWE 2K24. With each Persona Card you earn, you’ll be granted the option to switch between attires and display a signature look for your favorite Superstars.

The concept of Faction Wars has also changed, instead of climbing the ladder and earning random rewards, in WWE 2K24 players will now embark on a “run” and go through 5 stages to earn Rewards, a new currency called “Faction War Credits” (FW), and the ability to unlock “Bosses” from the final match in a stage also known as “Boss Battles”. 

To participate in a run in the Faction Wars game mode, you need one “Faction War Ticket,” which you can obtain by playing MyFACTION. When selecting your lineup for the run, keep in mind that you cannot modify it once you’ve confirmed it. You also don’t have to finish a run in one sitting. As long as you’re not in the middle of a match, you can return to Faction Wars by selecting the “Resume Run” option.

To be honest, this game mode never interested me and feels like something that would do better as a separate game aimed at a mobile audience.


WWE 2K24’s Universe mode is the epitome of wrestling simulation, offering players the ultimate power and control over every aspect of the virtual wrestling world. In this expansive sandbox, the reins are firmly in the hands of the players, allowing them to orchestrate the destiny of Superstar rosters, ignite and manage feuds, crown champions, curate weekly shows, and produce jaw-dropping Premium Live Events. The no-holds-barred nature of this mode introduces an exhilarating array of possibilities, including run-ins, Money in the Bank cash-ins, intricate scenarios, and epic brawls that keep players on the edge of their seats.

One of the notable enhancements in WWE 2K24’s Universe mode is the introduction of new cutscenes, injecting additional layers of drama and unpredictability into the narrative. Special Guest Referee support adds a thrilling dynamic, allowing players to influence match outcomes in unique ways. The inclusion of Double Title Matches intensifies the stakes, as Superstars vie for dual championship glory, while the Loser Leaves Town stipulation adds a dramatic twist, potentially altering the landscape of the virtual wrestling universe.

While there may not be an exhaustive list of changes to Universe mode, its essence lies in the profound control it affords players. It’s not just about playing a game; it’s about being the creative force behind the entire wrestling spectacle. This mode enables players to dictate the actions of their favorite wrestlers, shape their reactions, and determine the winners and losers of matches. It’s not merely a simulation; it’s a canvas where the player’s imagination and wrestling prowess collide to create an unparalleled entertainment experience. WWE 2K24’s Universe mode isn’t just a feature; it’s a dynamic platform that invites players to step into the shoes of a wrestling impresario and shape the destiny of their virtual wrestling universe with absolute authority.


As the wrestling world gears up to celebrate the ruby anniversary of WrestleMania, this mode pays homage to the grandeur of the iconic event. Featuring 21 historically significant matches that have unfolded at the Show of Shows, players are in for a nostalgia-filled journey through the annals of wrestling history. Each match encapsulates the essence and excitement of its WrestleMania moment, immersing players in the drama and spectacle that define these legendary encounters.

The Showcase of the Immortals not only brings these historic matches to life but also unlocks a treasure trove of goodies for players to discover. From new wrestlers and attires to managers, arenas, and unexpected surprises, the unlockables add a layer of excitement and anticipation to the overall gaming experience. As players progress through the Showcase, they not only relive these monumental moments but also earn rewards that enhance their in-game roster, offering a dynamic and immersive tribute to WrestleMania’s 40-year legacy.


In the latest version of MyGM, users take on the role of a general manager, gaining enhanced abilities to orchestrate and manage shows and engage in fierce competition against fellow GMs to dominate the pro wrestling scene.

This year, a significant enhancement allows for the trading of WWE Superstars between game managers, improved contract management, and the addition of talent scouts. These features contribute to a more authentic experience and provide players with a more comprehensive opportunity to manage a roster of elite athletes.

Additionally, the new Superstar Journey feature in MyGM mode enables Superstars to earn XP and additional benefits through competing in matches, adding another layer of realism and depth to the gameplay experience.

Creation Suite

The renowned Creation Suite makes a triumphant return, inviting players into a world of unparalleled creativity and customization. This robust suite introduces a host of new features, expanding its horizons to accommodate the ever-growing appetite of the WWE gaming community. One of the standout additions is the inclusion of Create-A-Referee, empowering players to not only shape the destiny of the in-ring action but also craft the personalities presiding over the matches. The introduction of Create-A-Sign adds an extra layer of personalization, allowing players to infuse their unique flair into the arena environment.

Diving deeper into the Creation Suite, WWE 2K24 presents an array of new parts and animations. These additions provide enthusiasts with even more tools to meticulously design custom Superstars, General Managers (GMs), arenas, entrances, move sets, championships, and beyond. The expanded palette of creative options ensures that players can bring their wildest wrestling fantasies to life, forging a truly unique and immersive experience within the virtual wrestling universe.

A notable enhancement in WWE 2K24’s Creation Suite is the introduction of the “Quick Save” button, a game-changer for creators immersed in the character customization process. This innovative feature allows players to effortlessly save their progress during the creation or editing of a character, ensuring that no creative masterpiece is lost in the midst of the creative process.

New Match Types:

WWE 2K24 introduces four new and exciting match types to the franchise: Special Guest Referee, Ambulance Match, Casket Match, and Gauntlet Match. Each of these match types brings a unique and chaotic element to the game, providing players with a wide variety of options for their matches.

The Special Guest Referee match is a long-awaited addition, allowing for an AI or player-controlled referee in 1 on 1 matches. This match type offers a new level of strategy and manipulation, as the referee has the power to call for a disqualification even when it may not be warranted or declare a submission when none has occurred. The referee can also choose to ignore rule violations, allowing for a more aggressive and intense match.

The Ambulance Match is a brutal and intense battle, that puts players in the heart of one of professional wrestling’s most intense and dramatic showdowns. In this high-stakes match type, the objective is clear – incapacitate your opponent and transport them to the awaiting ambulance for a victorious exit. Unleash an array of bone-crushing moves and signature maneuvers to wear down your adversary, with the ultimate goal of securing the decisive victory by slamming them into the ambulance.

The Casket Match is a dark and spooky affair, with the goal being to trap your opponent inside a casket and close the lid. This match type is perfect for those looking for a more sinister and ominous atmosphere.

The Gauntlet Match is a test of endurance and skill, as players face off against multiple opponents in a row. The match continues until one player is left standing, making it a true test of a player’s abilities.

In addition to these new match types, the Backstage Brawl now supports 4-player matches with added interactive environmental elements such as a working elevator, breakable glass, and a vending machine with throwable sodas.

Returning features include Double-Title Matches and an 8-player Royal Rumble with 30 Superstars online. All your favorite match types from previous WWE 2K games are also included, such as WarGames, Extreme Rules, TLC, Submission, Hell in a Cell, and many more.

Gameplay Upgrades:

WWE 2K24 features improvements to gameplay throughout, including Super Finishers, the Trading Blows mini-game, top rope dives onto a group of opponents outside the ring, double title matches, new Paybacks, and much more.

Let’s quickly go over some of the upgrades in more detail:

  • Trading Blows: A new mini-game that locks you in a duel of attacks. It has 4 strikes: punch, knife edge chop, overhand chop, and slap. You can choose which one to perform with the Left Stick
  • Super Finishers: If you stock 3 finishers during the match, you’ll be able to use all of your stock to perform a Super Finisher, which will nullify the opponent’s resiliency and make it almost impossible to kick out
  • The improved blood system makes it drip and stay on the mat
  • You can finally climb, walk, perform moves and finishers, and jump off the announce table like in the old games
  • 7 real WWE referees are now featured in the game
  • The classic HCTP ramp-facing camera is returning. You can also change the camera during the match
  • Spectator mode: you can watch IA vs IA matches by choosing the view you want including a complete free cam
  • Face paint gradually fades during the match
  • You can top rope dive onto a group of opponents outside the ring
  • New weapon types including trash cans, guitars, and microphones
  • You can throw weapons at your opponents. Throwable objects can also be caught and reversed.
  • The ability to pull down the straps during a match is back for certain Superstars (such as Kurt Angle or Undertaker)
  • Tired finishers and animations are back
  • Rebound moves after Irish Whips have been fixed and no longer result in constant chest-bumping. You can now queue the Rebound Attack by pressing the grapple button early. If you’re late, it triggers an automatic pass-by (same as LB) so you can try again.
  • 6 new Paybacks:
    • Iron Jaw: Remove your stunned meter and exit the stunned state
    • Fireball: Launch a fireball to your opponent
    • Freeze: Freeze your opponent by using intimidating tactics
    • Rage: Fill your finisher meter to gain you a finisher
  • The Moveset has been expanded
    • Assignable slots for signatures and finishers have been expanded from 2 to 5
    • You can now have 3 Running Corner Attacks when the opponent is leaning in the corner: Light, Heavy, and Grab attacks

To finish off the review let’s talk about a few last things.

WWE 2K24 features a Soundtrack Produced by Post Malone, Post Malone took on the role of Executive Soundtrack Producer and assembled an eclectic collection of songs across a variety of genres including rock, country, rap, electronic music, and pop. In addition to his soundtrack duties, the music megastar will also appear as a playable character in WWE 2K24 and will be available for purchase in a post-launch DLC pack.

This year there are also 3 Editions: Standard, Deluxe, and the Collectors Edition, which is known as the Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition. let’s quickly break down these editions.

The Deluxe edition includes :

  • Gold MyFACTION* cards and alternate attires for Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair.
  • The Nightmare Family Pack featuring Undashing Cody Rhodes with his iconic cowl and mask, vintage ‘76 Dusty Rhodes and ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, Stardust, and an exclusive MyFACTION character of the Mattel ‘Defining Moments’ Bruised Cody Rhodes action figure with Gold MyFACTION card, Dusty Rhodes ’76 MyFACTION card, and Pharaoh Manager card.
  • The Season Pass features five post-launch DLC character packs, including the MyRISE Mega-Boost and Supercharger packs.

Although this deluxe edition contains the season pass and some other goodies, it seems Overpriced to me costing an extra $40. Although I can’t review the Season Pass content yet, It does sound like it will include a fair amount of extra content, such as five post-launch DLC character packs, including the MyRISE Mega-Boost and Supercharger packs.

While the Deluxe edition includes The Season pass, there is also one More Premium Collectors Edition, which is being called The Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition , which includes everything in the Deluxe edition plus :

  • The Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition Bonus Pack,(available Summer 2024) featuring the WrestleMania 40 Arena, as well as Gold MyFACTION cards, and alternate WrestleMania attires for Triple H (WM 30), Rhea Ripley (WM 36), ‘Macho King’ Randy Savage (WM 6), Charlotte Flair (WM 32), and Rey Mysterio (WM 22)
  • Showcase Superstar Unlock automatically unlocks all playable Superstars from the 2K Showcase of the Immortals.

This Edition is an Extra $20 on top of the Deluxe edition, which in my opinion should have been included in the deluxe edition price and the Season Pass or as a Pre-order Bonus.

Overall WWE 2K24 is the Wrestling game of all Wrestling games and puts the recent AEW game to shame with the amount of modes and matches and the amount of polish to gameplay upgrades.

WWE 2K24 has built upon its predecessor’s foundation to deliver a wrestling experience that feels both familiar and fresh. The game’s improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and expansive roster make it a must-play for wrestling fans. The addition of new match types and a more in-depth career mode provide players with even more ways to enjoy the game. WWE 2K24 is a solid entry in the series that is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the franchise, WWE 2K24 is a game that should not be missed, so get out there and #FinishYourStory.

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