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Riot Games Reveal League Of Legends Dungeon Crawler Project F

Reaching ten year since the official debut for League of Legends has pushed developer Riot Games to break from their comfort zone and pursue new games within the same universe of their popular MOBA. Sharing the platform for the announcement of inspired fighting game Project L, the studio was also hiding Project F which alike the fighter, is a new title taking influence from League and creating a new experience from the source material.

Given the same amount of stage time with literally seconds of visible gameplay for anticipated fans to see, there is little to any information on where this new title will be heading. However, through the compilation of developers discussing their time with video games, some did shed light on Project F: while these team members were not referenced primarily, their statements still hold up to be legitimate.

Even though we all love League of Legends, I think we also all love to imagine the possibility of, “What would it be like to run around and explore the world of Runeterra?” How could we enable experiences for players to go explore with their friends?

Another employee at Riot that is involved with the new title gave the analogy of visiting Disneyland and “getting to actually walk around and explore a space that you know really well feels so magical.” Ultimately opening the universe of League of Legends for players to fully enwrap themselves in as they play and interact with the world around them.

Discussion on when or where Project F will be available has yet to be disclosed following its brief announcement.

Would you be interested in playing a dungeon crawler-esque League of Legends title?

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