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Posted on March 5, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Rock Band is coming back! Rock Band 4 to be exact! Today, Harmonix made it official and announced Rock Band 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 coming in 2015.

“There was a period of fairly deep introspection, where we felt like the time was right, but we really wanted to make sure that we had a creative vision that we could rally around, that we felt would be sort of worth doing this again,” project manager Daniel Sussman told me in a pre-announcement interview. “From a creative standpoint, we didn’t just want to port Rock Band 3; that would not be the most interesting thing for us to do, as a bunch of creative developer people, but also just in terms of bringing this thing back. We felt like it needed to innovate in a couple of key ways that would change the conversation around what a music game could be.”

So here are a few things that we know about Rock Band 4

  • Your songs are safe

“We’re putting a lot of effort into rebuilding that DLC library on the current-gen consoles, and that’s a pretty big initiative in and of itself,” Sussman says. “It took us five-plus years to accumulate a library that has thousands of songs in it. It’s a time-consuming process for us and the first parties; lucky for us we have great relationships there and they understand the value of that library in the context of Rock Band. If you bought songs in Rock Band 3 or Rock Band 2 or Rock Band 1, songs that you bought will carry forward to Rock Band 4. There are a lot of folks out there who have spent some significant scratch on the DLC catalog and the last thing we want to do is come back to those players and say, ‘OK, you have to buy those songs again.’ We’ll support entitlements, we’ll have the full library out.”


  • New Peripherals are coming

They are currently trying to make sure you can use your old instruments from previous Rock Bands but Harmonix is working closely with Microsoft and Sony to make this possible.

“The second big question players are likely to ask is whether they’ll have to buy new instruments, or if the ones from last-gen will work. “We’re working with Sony and Microsoft to make that possible, and I have to hedge a little bit because the keys to that kingdom really are held by the first parties”

  • Keyboards are out. 

Keyboards were brought into Rock Band 3 but this time they are kicking the keyboard out as they (Harmonix) want to focus on the core band.


Make sure to keep checking for more updates on Rock Band 4!

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