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Rocket League will get aggressive support on Xbox One

Posted on December 9, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Rocket League, the hit car-soccer game, is coming to Xbox One in February 2016. With an impending release, we all know that the Xbox One version will have exclusive vehicles and skins such as the Halo Warthog (HogSticker) and the Armadillo (Gears of War), but we are now hearing that Xbox One will get aggressive support.

At launch, the base $20 game will include the game as well as its three previously released expansions. The Back to the Future DLC will also be available to purchase right off the bat.

Here is what Psyonix says:

 “You can also expect lots of updates to the game,” the studio said. “Rocket League has received 10 major updates since its original launch earlier this year, and Psyonix plans on aggressively supporting the Xbox One version, with free downloadable arenas and more DLC packs.”

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