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Rockstar Games Prepping Big Changes For Next Red Dead Online Update

The beta for Red Dead Online continues into Spring 2019 and fans are becoming more and more vocal about the problems that are frequent in online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. And Rockstar Games is aware of how the community surrounding the game feels and plans to bring bigger changes to compensate fans with actions over in-game items.

Currently, players can partake in new freemode events that have dropped into the game’s servers along with earning special items from the respected events. Following with more Showdown and Races to be added in the coming weeks.

For the coming update that is said to drop later this Spring, Rockstar shares to be expanding on the Hostility System already present in the game for both aggressive and passive players. For those who prefer the calmness of hunting, fishing, or riding their horse online will be given the option to go into the Defensive play style which protects them from players trying to go on an homicide spree along with being lassoed off your steer.

As well as an Offensive play style which can be triggered when the player initiates a gun fight. This new countermeasure will affect not only freemode lobbies, but missions, races, and events will also be also be applied with the touched-up Hostility Mode.

A new mission type labeled ‘A Land of Opportunities’ will also be debuting with the update which pits players into the role of an outlaw in the West. More familiar faces is said to begin appearing with new missions, some more recognizable than others as Red Dead Online takes place prior to the game’s main campaign. As well as dynamic situations that are currently in the story mode will be making their way into Online varying from ambushes to rescuing settlers.

And of course, a new weapon is promised to be coming with the unnamed update. The LeMat pistol from Red Dead Redemption will be available when the update goes live along with more items which have yet to be revealed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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