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Rockstar Games teasing new Red Dead title?

UPDATE 3: Red Dead Redemption 2 coming Fall 2017 and new trailer is coming Thursday, October 20th.  The game is set to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
UPDATE 2: Rockstar reveals another Red Dead Redemption teaser 24 hours after the first one.

UPDATE: Red Dead Retribution has been confirmed not to be the name of the upcoming Red Dead game. Reddit User, jedijosh920 confirmed that the original user inspected the element and just added Red Dead Retribution.
The official Rockstar Games Twitter has just tweeted a red image with their logo indicating a new Red Dead game is inbound to be announced very soon. They have also changed their image to a black background and red logo. On Facebook, it’s also the same.

What do you think? We will make sure to keep you updated regularly.

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