Rockstar Games To Launch New GTA+ Subscription For GTA Online Next Week Bringing Unique Perks On Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 For $5.99

Posted on March 25, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Just glancing over the success of Grand Theft Auto V, players can see the goldmine that the game has evolved into over nearly a decade. In its first three days the title when launching in fall 2013 grossed over $1 billion. But entering into the new decade for 2020, Grand Theft Auto V managed to outperform nearly a dozen Call of Duty titles from Call of Duty: Black Ops to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Looking ahead, the firm this month is cashing in on Grand Theft Auto V once more with native versions for PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S. Although there is no free upgrade, the team is activating sales for current owners of the game at a discount. But, there is more coming to the game later this month.

In a new announcement from Rockstar Games, GTA Online is officially receiving its own subscription service. Only for the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA Online, GTA+ will provide a slew of perks for subscribers for only $5.99 starting on March 29th.

GTA+ is a new membership program exclusively for GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S — launching on March 29 and providing easy access to a range of valuable benefits for both new and long-standing players on the latest generation consoles.

Being a GTA+ Member gets you a recurring monthly GTA$500,000 direct deposit to your Maze Bank account, plus the opportunity to claim properties in and around Los Santos that unlock gameplay updates you may have missed out on, special vehicle upgrades, Member-only discounts, GTA$ and RP bonuses, and more each month.

The first full month of goodies includes, “GTA$500,000 delivered automatically to your Maze Bank Account, the Principe Deveste Eight, the Auto Shop located in La Mesa, Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost, the Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts, the Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali, a selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop, 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series, and 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series.”

This is not the first instance of a game receiving a subscription-based royalty program. Previously, Epic Games introduced Fortnite Crew which featured unique perks and cosmetics that was only available through the service. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Rockstar Games

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