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Rockstar Gives The Rundown For The Approaching Roles For Red Dead Online

The current status of Red Dead Online, the multiplayer portion of 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2, for the time being left many fans contemplating what is missing from the game due to the limited amount of activities to do in the five counties. While Rockstar Games has been bringing a bevy of different game modes for players to have more initiative towards joining a lobby of the western title, what really provokes many is looking ahead towards the revealed roles that is planned to come some point later this Summer.

In the previous major update post which provides features like Poker and story missions for Red Dead Online, the developer teased that a new role mechanic will be implemented in the coming future to give players purpose in thriving in the multiplayer segment of the game. Recently, Rockstar has given a synopsis of the approaching update which will introduce said roles alongside other added in-game elements.

Going into more detail for each role, Rockstar shares how each role is displayed and some of the instances that will occur as you play:

Bounty Hunter – The role holds a dependency to your honor level as you could either be friendly or menacing towards the authorities. Players with high bounties when in your area will be highlighted that you can detain for a reward. Other benefits for the role provide a heavier duty lasso, the ability to use Eagle Eye while running, and “intricate gun-spinning tricks.”

Trader – This role rather than being dependent on people resorts to the furs & meats of animals that you can hunt and harvest from. Collecting natural goods will lead towards making better product to sell which you can then use towards upgrading your facilities at your camp site. Growing your venture will then introduce new advantages like a bigger satchel and even a wagon when transporting your goods.

Collector – In search for the riches of the developing nation, this role provides players with potentially prospering when discovering hidden treasures. Which in return hones its own benefits like horse lantern, metal detector, and refined binoculars.

Other in-game adjustments have also been prioritized to better player experience such as responsive controls when on foot or horseback, noted play styles, and undiscovered loot that have been littered for players to find.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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