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Rocksteady Job Listing Reveals Studio Working On Next Gen Title

Posted on September 15, 2018 by Nick Moreno

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It’s been two years since Rocksteady released a title, but since Batman: Arkham VR releasing we haven’t heard too much from the studio on what’s coming next from the developer. With many anticipating to see a reveal this year at E3, we were left disappointed as the studio was absent to the event.

Though Rocksteady Studios did reassure those looking for them, we were left empty handed as the studio responded that we will see the next title “as soon as it’s ready”. Now recently, we might have a better idea of when we might be seeing the upcoming game from the developer.

On the studio’s official site, there is over twenty jobs listed for the UK-based developer. Varying from game designers, quality assurance (QA), programmers, animators, and more. What makes this relevant is that most of the jobs descriptions read that Rocksteady is working on “an AAA title on the next generation platforms”.

With this small hint that the studio is working on a new title for unannounced platforms in the coming years, there’s nothing concrete confirming what this title might be. As what sparked fans to expect Rocksteady at E3 following the now debunked leak of a Superman game from the developer, we do know that the current title in development will have fans “lose their minds”, as stated by Rocksteady Marketing Game Manager Gav Deaves almost a year ago.

The studio also teased that progress was being made in their motion capture studio back in January. With many speculating the possibility of a Suicide Squad title from the posed picture in the tweet, there’s noting confirming if that is the next game from Rocksteady.

It’s assumed the next title will be in the DC Universe looking back at their previous title, but there is still a chance we might get an original IP from the studio. For when we might expect this next gen title could be as late as 2020 or 2021 as we’re closing into five years for this generation.

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