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Rogue One Writer Shows Interest In Making A Star Fox Film

Posted on January 14, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Video game-adapted films are already among us with motion pictures like 2018’s Tomb Raider and the upcoming Mortal Kombat film from New Line Cinema to name a few. However, the current status of these movies have been received below acceptable as many depictions of these digital worlds have been poorly translated to live-action as the initial experience is tainted by Hollywood’s attempt in the process.

Regardless, that does not stop those who feel up to the challenge to take on reinventing the current connotation aimed at video game films, this time coming from the Writer for 2018’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. According to a tweet made by Gary Whitta who penned the script for the George Lucas prequel, he shows to be very transparent about making a film based on the popular Nintendo game series.

What initiated Whitta’s excitement to share his interest in writing for this could be film is sourced from a collage of images that was posted elsewhere on Twitter just the week before. Santa Monica Studio’s Art Director Raf Grassetti has shared a handful of profiles from the Star Fox franchise and later compiled the into the format for a movie poster.

Excitement aside, this does not confirm that a film based on the Fox McCloud universe is in active development or anything of the sort. Instead, this does share that people in the industry do have an interest in possibly tackling video game films if portrayed in a way to spark potential pursuit later on. This is not the first time a classic Nintendo series has been contemplated for a film adaptation.

Back in July 2018, Director for the upcoming Metal Gear film Jordan Vogt-Roberts shared that he would attempt at making a film translation based on the Metroid series. He shares that silent protagonists can be achieved, using 2011’s Drive to be how to properly portray a speechless lead role through film.

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