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Rogue Trooper Movie Teased By Warcraft Director

Rebellion last year announced a remaster for Rogue Trooper, fans of the videogame adaptation of IPC Media’s comic were eager to return to Nu Earth on current-gen consoles. The game released in Fall of 2017, getting received above average. Just about the same as the original back in 2006. But this wasn’t the last time we’d hear from the series.
Director Duncan Jones posted on Twitter teasing his upcoming project obviously being Rogue Trooper.

The director even going to the extent of this announcement by shaving his hair into a blue mohawk, “If that’s not enough of a clue…”. In the video he talks about 2000 A.D. and the comic’s universe.
Previously directed Warcraft, Mute and Moon, Jones will be an interesting fit for seeing how Rogue Trooper will turn out. For when filming will start or who will be casted was not discussed yet.

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