Rumor: A New Connected Titanfall Project Is In Development

Posted on March 13, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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One of the biggest outcries from video game communities is the next entry in the Titanfall series. Although the IP is not truly dormant with Apex Legends continuing to expand the universe, there is many that ask for a new installment. Previously, it was reported the alleged Titanfall 3 was in development for a total of 10 months before being canned entirely.

Additionally, Respawn Entertainment was working on a separate connected project previously too. In that, it was reported that an unannounced incubator project at the developer would officially bridge Titanfall & Apex Legends. Given the alias ‘Titanfall Legends’, the game would feature aspects of both games and marry these elements into one ultimate experience. But, the game was officially shuttered in 2023.

However, according to leaker Jeff Grubb, a new project is said to be in the pipeline. Although it was reported the upcoming Mandalorian first-person shooter is now shelved, a separate endeavor for Titanfall is on the way. You can watch the segment of the podcast below:

Timestamp [27:37]

“They do have another team that has been kicking around a skunkworks project, that was in very early- there’s different phases of prototyping, there’s a very early, very small team prototyping phase, and now they’re going to go to a wider, like this is a real project now, but still in the prototyping phase, and that has happened with that game, and that is from the director of the original Titanfall.

“This game, as it stands today, as far as I understand, is a ‘Titanfall game’, it’s in the Titanfall universe. But everyone I talk to keeps saying, well it’s not, don’t get in you’re mind that it’s Titanfall 3, like a game with online multiplayer and a single-player campaign. I’m like- well wait, what, then how is, what is this game? I still don’t know.

Grubb adds: “But it feels like, if you are trying to go all-in on your own IP, just expand that into being Titanfall 3, figure out a way to make that happen.” And more is that while it is possible a new Titanfall-connect game is in the works, Respawn Entertainment plans to integrate more of its story into the core gameplay of Apex Legends in the coming months this year. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you hope to see for a new game in the Titanfall universe?

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