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Rumor: Batman Court Of Owls Game In Development, Possible Reveal At Game Awards

The line of rumors continue to grow as we inch closer towards the 2018 Game Awards. Despite Rocksteady’s absence for the upcoming awards ceremony, the chance of seeing a game starring the Caped Crusader is still in the air according to recent rumors.

According to a tweet by Valerie Vezina, Assistant Producer for Warner Bros. Montreal, the Canadian studio might be developing an Batman: Court of Owls title. Redacted a hint towards the game she’s currently working on is a logo similar to the Court of Owls, a secret society most known from the Batman comics.

The studio has previously worked on prequel title Batman Arkham Origins back in 2013. Following the release of Arkham Knight two years later, there has been talks of other titles to be in development by the studio such as a Suicide Squad title, which was later confirmed with the cancellation of the project and a title starring Damien Wayne as he takes on the role as Batman

Another title leaked that WB Montreal could be working on is similar to this most recent rumor: titled “Batman Arkham Insurgency” the game would expand on mechanics from Arkham Knight with a cast of new and returning villains set in a more costal Gotham larger than the map in the 2015 game. Which seems to be more interesting is that the main antagonist pinned for the unannounced title was said to be the Court of Owls alongside the Talons who enforce the secret group.

For if any of the rumors is true is unknown since they have been lingering for nearly three years. The possibility of seeing the newly rumored title at the upcoming show is definitely possible as there will be over a handful of titles that will be revealed this Thursday.

The Game Awards will be going live on Thursday December 6th on their official Twitch at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST.

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