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Rumor: Battlefield Bad Company 3 In The Works For Next-Generation Consoles

For nearly the past decade fans have been anticipating a third installment for Battlefield: Bad Company side series from Swedish developer DICE. But as each rumor passes annually, we always receive the same result as the studio pops out a more traditional Battlefield title. With Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 1, and now Battlefield V, fans are still hopeful that DICE will eventually decide to make a trilogy out of the Bad Company franchise.

Now according to a recent rumor that surfaced back in December on Pastebin, we might finally receive the Bad Company 3 fans have all been waiting for. Just recently noise sparked around the potential leak and many have been grabbing at the information that was provided in the post.

Stated in the post to be coming from a “third-party small developer from the EU”, they give details primarily revolving around Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console like the hardware’s capabilities, official reveal, and launch date. Other information shown in the post details that Bad Company 3 is being developed for Sony’s unannounced platform.

This which strikes it to be odd as marketing rights for the most part surrounding the Battlefield franchise circulates around Microsoft and the company’s Xbox platform. Another AAA title that is said to be in development for the upcoming console is the leaked Harry Potter title that is said to be developed by Avalanche Software.

What makes the Bad Company rumor seem probable is from rumor of the then-rumored Battlefield V to be set in WWII. At the time, it was shared that DICE isn’t planning to return to a more modern era of Battlefield for the 2018 title, but assuming the following title that will release in 2020 will be the one which reintroduces modern warfare. Which many speculated as DICE’s window to finally bring Bad Company 3 to reality.

Do you think the Bad Company rumor is true or just another falsified leak ?

Source: Pastebin

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