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Rumor: Bethesda might be making a MOBA game.

A job listing on Bethesda website requires the applicant to have a “Passion for online gaming genres including MMOGs, MOBAs, competitive FPS games, and digital card games.”  This requirement could indicate Bethesda is building a MOBA game, perhaps similar to League of Legends, DOTA 2, or something along the lines of Overwatch which recently surpassed 30 million players across Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The studio might be years away from showing the supposed MOBA game, or we could see something this E3 happening in three weeks from today.
In similar news, this weekend you can explore everything a post-nuclear Boston has to offer with the Fallout 4 Free Weekend. From May 25 to 28, Xbox Live Gold Members and Steam users will be able to play all of Fallout 4’s base content and try out Mods for free.
Furthermore, Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live will offer savings for Fallout 4’s base game and Season Pass, with discounts up to 67% off.


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