Rumor: Dualsense Controller Will Hold Longer Charge Than Current Dualshock 4, But Slashes PlayStation VR Compatibility

Posted on August 2, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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In anticipation for the next-generation unit for the PlayStation family, Sony has been very quiet on the upcoming console. And while the firm has eventually shared the appearance for the PlayStation 5 back in June, some details on the product was still pretty sparse. For example, the Dualsense controller that will ship with the next-generation system: earning its reveal prior to the PlayStation 5, the accessory still leaves some major questions.

Expanding more, while details were being released for the PlayStation 5’s technological architecture and the capabilities for the unit like PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility or the powerhouse that is the system’s in-house built SSD, lesser can be said for the controller. Even following the hands-on showing for the Dualsense done by Geoff Keighley, fans did not leave with new information.

Howbeit, new details on the controller looks to be slipping online recently according to a recent Reddit post. In that, poster viper on fire disclosed to obtain a hands-on with the Dualsense controller and shared his opinion – that being relayed by blursedpersona after deleting the post.

They [viper on fire] noted that it averaged around 3 to 4 hours more than the dualshock 4. The Comfort of it: They noted that it is much more comfortable than the dualshock 4 and less bulky overall, they even noted that it was more comfortable than the Xbox one controller in their eyes.

Ending the thread, however, the Redditor shared that despite how ambitious the new gamepad is for the PlayStation 5, support for PlayStation VR is not offered. While Sony has not been vocal as for its plans for virtual reality when approaching the next-generation, it does come to be surprising that its flagship controller will not be compatible with the peripheral. With PlayStation VR giving players better access to the platform, it is presumed there is plans for the system for PlayStation 5 following launch.

Other interesting notes that the poster shared on the Dualsense is how responsive other attributes are for the controller. The user shared that the touchpad was ample to more pushes as the component registered with ease. However, the triggers on the gamepad did require more force, “even without the tension points activated,” the poster shares.

What are your thoughts on these new details for the Dualsense controller?

PlayStation 5 is set to launch alongside the Dualsense controller sometime in holiday 2020.

Source: r/PS5

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