Rumor: EA Access Coming to the PS4

Posted on March 17, 2019 by Colin Ferguson

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Despite EA pulling themselves from an E3 conference, the company is still making big moves for this summer.

A tweet by Joe “Wotta” Anderson suggests EA is bringing EA Access to the PS4. The screenshot is taken from Reddit user Sabazin.

This move is not entirely shocking, as EA mentioned the video game subscription service would be coming to another major platform. In the tweet, Joe posts a screenshot of the PS Store in the “What’s New” section. In the screenshot, there is a tab that displays “EA Access Now Available” in Portuguese.

As with all rumors, it must be taken with a grain of salt. Screenshots can often be altered and later revealed to be fraudulent. However, Joe Anderson seems to be a reliable source in the gaming community. He’s followed by several gamers, content creators, and journalists. He’s notably followed by Emily Rogers, who has accurately leaked, predicted and announced Nintendo news in the past.

Having early access to unreleased EA games, instant access to 50+ EA games, and a possible 10% discount on EA games is a welcome sight for PS4 owners. Let’s hope the rumors are confirmed by EA sooner than later.

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