Rumor: Grand Theft Auto 6 is falling behind with plans for a late 2025 launch

Posted on March 22, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Rockstar Games shared the highly anticipated trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 in December 2023 with no exact release date announced. What they did confirm was that GTA 6 has a 2025 release window, but that can easily change if the studio faces any setbacks.

It was reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 is entering its final stages of development and with that Rockstar Games decided to make employees return to office in April. This will help with security reasons like leaks.

GTA 6 might see a delay to Fall 2025. That’s according to Kotaku who report it’s becoming more likely that the sequel will launch beyond early 2025. Depending on how bad the setback is we could see the release be pushed to as late as 2026. Also according to Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku, Rockstar is still planning to launch GTA VI in Spring 2025, and if they do have a setback, that will be the likely scenario we see.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see Rockstar Games delay the next Grand Theft Auto game as they’ve done it before. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the coming months.

Right now it is confirmed that GTA VI will release on Xbox and PlayStation.

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