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Rumor: Last Of Us Part II Release Date Leaked Through PS Music

The highly anticipated first-party title from Naughty Dog The Last of Us: Part II was revealed at 2016’s PSX event in California, the announcement exciting fans of the original with a direct sequel taking place five years after the events in the first title. Not until E3 of this year we finally got a true first look at the upcoming title.

But though the demo was well in-depth showing a good amount of what is to be expected in the action adventure, no release date has been confirmed for the game. Leaving many curious and hesitant to hop on any chance for the game to come in he near future. A user on Reddit has discovered through PlayStation Music the possible timeframe for when the survival horror title will be coming out.

If you look at each video linked to the game’s soundtrack on PlayStation Music, it marks The Last of Us: Part II with a 2019 launch date. And to make this more interesting is that neither Sony or Naughty Dog have announced an official date, it’s listed on Sony’s official Music account.

Until we get a confirmation on the release date if it’s real or not, take this with a grain of salt. Following the news of PlayStation Experience being held off for 2018, this would have been cleared up on during December event. Our best chances might possibly be The Game Awards in the same month.

The Last of Us: Part II, as of right now is labeled with a release date for 2019 and will be an exclusive title on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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