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Rumor: Legend Of Zelda Netflix Series Coming From Castlevania Producer

With the recent release of season 2 for Netflix’s Castlevania series, talks of more series from the show’s producer Adi Shankar has emerged. In a recent Instagram post, the showrunner has teased the idea of possibly working on a new series for Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise.

Though the statement is very vague, Shankar does confirm that what he is working on next will be revealed in mid-November. ” I can confirm that I’m working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their iconic video game series into a series”. What sparks the idea for one of Nintendo’s iconic game series to be adapted into a show comes from TheWrap, stating that the entertainment outlet got exclusive word on the upcoming series following its reveal.

It’s unclear if this is to be true as Shankar has never mentioned The Legend of Zelda for a future project, but Metroid though was referenced at a prior time. When asked for a comment, Nintendo told TheWrap “We have nothing to announce on this topic.”.

Other titles like Diablo have been mentioned to be getting its own Netflix series similar to Shankar’s Castlevania. With the rise of these videogame-based series, they seem to be translating the image of their influenced games greatly compared to the featured films that continue to release this past decade. We might see more appear on Netflix and other streaming entertainment services in the near future.

For the high hopes of a series featuring Zelda & Link it’s still unsure if this will happen. For what’s to come from Shankar, stay tuned as we approach to November 16th for his next project.

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